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Healthy Brushing -Tips to maintain a healthy smile

Preventive dentistry as the name suggests is one of the most emphasized aspects in dentistry today. With tremendous advancement, especially in the field of preventive dentistry. We now have more efficient and affordable home care devices which help in a big way. Brushing is the foremost and important step in […]

The right diet for your Dental health.

All Health starts from our mouths. The foods we eat, start getting digested by enzymes secreted by our salivary glands. If we chew well the food gets marinated in our saliva which starts to break the food down into different components- Complicated sugars get broken down into simple sugars which […]

Significance of clean and hygienic dental clinics.

Everyone likes a clean and hygienic atmosphere around themselves, be it be their home or where they eat. If it concerns the health of near and dear ones then hygiene needs to be at another level altogether. Health professionals are trained with basic protocols of sterilization and requirements to keep […]

How to avoid dental visits during Quarantine.

This period of self-isolation is a very crucial time for us to keep ourselves safe and healthy! One of the questions that may arise is “should I go to the dentist?” Remember, staying isolated is the key to control the spread of this dangerous virus. This is a time when […]

Different Dental Specializations. Orthodontist, Prosthodontist, Periodontist, Endodontist…

Your Oral health needs more than standard care and  the same kind of team consisting of trained professionals to treat. Your specialized dental needs. But in Dentistry the specialists are classified based on different types of treatments. Let me explain..We all know that there are specialists in every field .We […]

How often should I get my teeth cleaned and polished?

When was the last time you visited a dentist for your check up??    One year? , 2 years ? Or 6 months? If you visited your dentist last year or six months ago, give yourself a pat on the back. Not everyone is a fan of dentists but research shows, […]

Smile makeover

Do you find yourself covering your mouth when you smile because of missing teeth?? Have you mastered the art of dodging selfies and smiling with your lips pursed at social gatherings; because your teeth are crooked or discolored??It’s time to smile again because Smiles are the first thing you notice […]

Advanced Gum Care

INTRODUCTION We all love our teeth and want them to hang in there forever. Truth is that maintaining your teeth alone is not good enough. We need to consider the supporting structures of our teeth as well  (Gums and bone).Thats what holds our teeth in its place  You must be […]

Tips to pull through Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth Our third molars in our permanent set of teeth are called Wisdom Teeth, Ever Wondered Why??? They’re the last teeth to develop and erupt in our mouths (around the age of 19-25 years), an age when we are starting to grow wiser… Hence the name… Why are wisdom […]

Caries – Tooth Decay and ways to prevent it!

Introduction. We easily ignore little holes, dark spots and food getting stuck there.. But this dental decay can be alarming when pain hits you in the middle of the night from nowhere? A simple dental decay can cost you a whole tooth, no matter how well or hard you brush […]

10 Reasons why India is the best choice for dental tourism !

1.Quality dental care  Indian dentistry has grown beyond boundaries and there is a high sense of dental awareness among the population. It is one of the top 5 countries with maximum number of medical practitioners, thus increasing the demand for quality and competency. World has shrunk into a global village […]

Gum Disease- The Silent killer for your teeth.

We all know gums are the soft tissue part in our mouth which covers our jaw bones, teeth and it’s roots. It not only covers but ALSO supports the tooth structure and underlying bone. Your gum and bone together form the foundation for your teeth. Our gums are the first […]

Dental Veneers

What are veneers? Dental veneers are otherwise known as dental laminates. These are wafer-thin custom designed by a dentist to fit the front surfaces of your teeth. These can be of two types based on the material used – resin veneers or porcelain veneers. Resin veneers are nothing but a […]

Floss like a boss!

No-one wants to see tomato peels and spinach stuck when you’re talking or smiling. Everyone wants a clean and healthy smile. That’s where using a dental floss comes into the picture for your oral care. Flossing helps remove the bacterial plaque and food debris near the gum line in areas […]

How to find a good dentist

Visiting a dentist itself is a scary thought, finding a new one can be a nightmare. Afterall a dental visit is definitely not worth a test try and fail. If you are in a hunt for ‘the good dentist’ here are some facts to help you out! Before you visit […]

Tooth sensitivity: Surprising reasons and remedies

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity and are still clueless to why it’s happening, chill. There’s nothing heartbreaking than being unable to eat your favourite ice cream when you’re hanging out with your buddies!  But wait! It’s not as difficult to treat as you probably think. And you are […]

How to get whiter teeth ?

Whiter teeth is everybody’s dream. The colour of your teeth affects the quality of your smile. It brightens your smile, adds life and makes you more confident. There are several newer technologies in dentistry that help us achieve that desirable smile in a matter of few minutes with the help […]

Latest technologies in Dentistry

DENTISTRY has come a long way. From historical times when teeth were pulled out with force.  Back then teeth were replaced by removing teeth of slaves and placing inside the mouths of kings, here we are..in a world of dental implants.. Giving every individual the freedom to be comfortable.. offering […]

Wisdom Tooth Pain: How to deal with it ?

Most of us have gone through a bad wisdom tooth pain. Before heading right in, let’s see how and why your last tooth (a.k.a wisdom tooth) is such a pain in the jaw! We know humans are ever-evolving and so are their food habits. Jaws were much larger 200 odd […]

How to keep your dental hygiene in check

A rose is a rose is a rose they say, but your tooth is not just a tooth. It’s in the most prominent part of your life- your face. And a  good set of teeth makes a world of difference. and How are you supposed to safeguard your teeth for […]

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