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What are Veneers?

Ever wondered how all actors have perfect and dazzling teeth? Do you think God has been too kind with them and not you? That’s not correct! It’s the magic of the best cosmetic dentists. Anyone can get the perfect CELEBRITY SMILE with Dental Veneers.  Dental veneers are thin shells which […]

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth as a child is very exciting as the tooth fairy is generous enough to provide you with a new set of teeth. As an adult, you will be required to sit in a huge chair illuminated by blinding light, enduring lengthy seated sessions with someone looking and […]

How often should you change your Toothbrush?

When was the last time you thought of replacing your toothbrush? Toothbrushes used for dental care and dental hygiene don’t come with an expiry date unlike food items, medicines, supplements and even beauty products. However, they aren’t supposed to last a lifetime and will wear out over time. So, how […]

Bad Food for your Teeth

It is rightly said you are what you eat. According to the best dentists in Mumbai, what you eat certainly reflects on your teeth. This is because many foods and beverages can cause plaque, which in turn seriously damages your teeth. Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky film that covers all […]

Smoking and your teeth

Let’s come straight to the point. Smoking in all forms (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookah, e-cigarettes) is bad for nearly every organ of the body. The effects are as gruesome as the pictures shared on the pack of cigarettes. What most people don’t know is how smoking negatively affects dental health. If […]

Common questions from dental patients

Can I have cavities if I brush my teeth regularly? Yes, the brushing technique is important for good dental hygiene.The best way to brush your teeth is to hold the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to your gum line and brush every tooth (or two to three at […]

Best treatment for teeth sensitivity

With the temperatures soaring, there’s really no better way to celebrate the joys of summer than by getting yourself your favorite ice cream or chilled coolers. Do you avoid your favorite hot or cold drinks because they make your teeth hurt? You probably have sensitive teeth. Here is a list […]

April is the Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Normal cells in the body follow an orderly life cycle wherein they grow, divide, and eventually die. When a few abnormal cells show uncontrolled growth, it leads to ‘Cancer’. A major public health problem worldwide is Oral Cancer, which includes cancers of the soft tissues of the mouth (lips, tongue, […]

5 ways to take care of oral and dental health when you are sick

Below, are few simple tips given by the best dentists in Mumbai, to take care of your oral health when you have the flu : 1. Maintain a good oral hygiene regime Brushing twice a day is a must. This is something we commonly hear. During fever or flu the […]

Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Below are the myths that people have about the root canal treatment and the facts answered by some of the best dentists in Mumbai: MYTH 1: You need to have a root canal if there is a toothache:  FACT: It is not necessary that the tooth that has pain needs […]

Knocked Out Tooth

At first, it might seem like the end of the line for that particular tooth.  The best dentists in Mumbai recommend that acting swiftly and correctly can make the difference between saving and losing the tooth. So it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of how to act in such […]

How painful is a root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure has always been regarded as uncomfortable and painful by most individuals. The good news is that this statement doesn’t hold true anymore. According to the best dentists in Mumbai, the root canal procedure has become very comfortable and relatively painless owing to the development in dental […]

How long does it take to recover from root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is one of the most common dental treatments. Post root canal treatment your mouth will feel numb for a couple of hours.  This is perfectly normal. The number of visits for your root canal may vary depending on the amount of infection the tooth may be harbouring. […]

Do you have sinus pressure or toothache?

What are sinus cavities? Lying behind your eyes, cheekbones, and forehead are four air-filled cavities that moisten and warm the air you breathe as it comes into your body. Sinus cavities make your head lighter and also provide resonance to your voice. The mucus produced by them acts as a […]

Am I too old for Dental Braces?

Let’s cut to the chase, according to the best dentists in Mumbai you are never too old to get braces. In fact, the best orthodontists in Mumbai claim that one out of three orthodontic patients are adults. Don’t let your age keep you away from that poker straight healthy smile. […]

3 major avoidable mistakes that can prevent development of cavities in children.

3 major avoidable mistakes that can prevent development of cavities in children. Do you know that baby bottle cavities also known as early childhood cavities can start off in children as soon as 1st tooth appears. In a developing country like India kids under the age of 2-5 years suffer […]

Scaling & Root Planing-What you need to know.

For a healthy mouth good oral hygiene is extremely important. Along with our regular oral hygiene practice at home, best dentists in Mumbai recommend getting professional cleaning or scaling twice a year is equally essential. This procedure is generally conducted along with root planing, commonly these are termed as “deep […]

Take care of your health after tooth extraction.

rom tooth decay to crowding of teeth, people may require complete removal of teeth from the mouth for various reasons. After performing a tooth extraction, your dental surgeon will give a certain set of instructions for caring for the disturbed areas as it heals. Aftercare tips as suggested by the […]

Age and Dental health

Ageing is inevitable, as we age our mouth ages too- states the best dentist in Mumbai. Teeth, gums, and the rest of the oral cavity require extra attention and care for them to have good oral health in their later years. Ageing isn’t always fetching, and your mouth is no […]

5 ways to take care of oral and dental health when you are sick

5 ways to take care of oral and dental health when you are sick 1. Maintain a good oral hygiene regime Brushing twice a day is a must. This is something we commonly hear. During fever or flu the bacterial load increases in the mouth. So it’s important to keep […]

Can jaw pain be related to dental issues?

Jaw pain is a debilitating condition that can happen all of a sudden. It’s uncomfortable, painful and can start off mild and become more intense over time. The best dentists in Mumbai suggest that the first step in treating jaw pain is to identify the underlying issue. Jaw pain can […]

How to choose the best dental implants for yourself- Know from the best dentists in Mumbai/ India.

With the advancement of technology, dental treatments have advanced too. When it comes to modern dental treatments, dental implants are unquestionably the most remarkable innovation. Nowadays people are well informed about the benefits of dental implants and hence are the most preferred treatment modality when it comes to the replacement […]

How much should a visit to a dentist cost you?

Cut straight to the chase, the answer is – it depends. It depends on various factors, everyone’s dental need is uniquely different so you cannot expect your dental treatment cost to be similar to someone else. Let’s discuss what you pay when a dentist performs an examination and check ups. […]

Aligners or braces: What’s the best for me ?

A healthy and balanced smile does not only mirror good oral health but also good overall health. Crooked or Mal-aligned teeth affect oral health and hygiene and many a time are a reason for embarrassment and lack of confidence. A beautiful smile and straight teeth are desired by everyone. So […]

Gummy Smile and six different ways to correct it.

A healthy and beautiful smile is not just about white teeth. Gums are also a crucial part of your mouth, but you probably don’t want them to show as much every time you smile. Causes of Gummy Smile: A well-balanced smile is a perfect smile, though this may differ from […]

When does my child need Braces?

Orthodontic treatment plays a huge role in health care than is generally recognized. Braces for kids plays a very crucial role in their oral health care.  The best dentists in Mumbai quote that the primary purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy, functional “bite,” which involves tooth alignment […]

6 Parenting hacks for good oral hygiene practice in children.

Running behind your little munchkin round the clock is a daunting task. Raising a child with good etiquette and making him/her adopt good oral hygiene habits are rather challenging. But you can make your life easy by following simple hacks that will instill a positive attitude in your young ones […]

Do you know when your child needs to have their first dental visit? It might be earlier than you think ….

As a parent to a newborn and an infant, there are so many firsts in life. First word, first step, first tooth, first birthday etc. Each and everyday your child is hitting milestones , but did you know the first dental visit is one of them? Dental visit !! for […]

Why is it important to choose a dentist for your kid carefully?

The foundation of a healthy mouth in an individual is laid during the first years of life. The sooner the children begin with regular dental checkups the better and healthier their oral health will be for the rest of their life. First dental visit plays a pivotal role in further […]

When should we change our toothbrush?

Tooth brushing is the first step we take towards our oral hygiene. Do you know your toothbrush can harbor millions of bacteria if not replaced regularly. No matter how fancy your toothbrush is, if it’s time to change, then it’s time to change!! So what’s the deal if I don’t […]

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