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8 Ways to treat Toothache at night.

A toothache can be very annoying, especially at night. It will cause pain and uneasiness in the middle of the night making it impossible to fall asleep. Try to visit a dentist near you for regular check ups instead of waiting for the toothache to start and then visit a dental clinic. Nobody wants a toothache at night but in case you do get one then here are a few home remedies to try at home to stop toothache. 


Medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken to reduce the intensity of toothache especially at night. It will help to dull the tooth pain and give you a restful night’s sleep. Medication will definitely provide some tooth pain relief. Once the tooth pain is relieved make sure to visit a dentist near you to avoid any further discomfort.


Positioning your head slightly higher than your body will help you to relieve the blood gushing into your tooth causing the pain to further aggravate. The pain in the tooth is usually caused by increased pressure in the pulp, the innermost part of the tooth. Therefore it will be helpful to lie down while keeping your head slightly more elevated than the rest of your body.


If you don’t brush your teeth before sleeping there may be a lot of food debris accumulated around your teeth. The microorganisms present in your mouth may react with the food debris causing an infection in that area along with some inflammation which may lead to discomfort and dental pain. If you clean your teeth after every meal then the chances of infection are reduced along with cleaning all the food debris accumulated. It may provide some relief from tooth pain you are experiencing.


Application of an ice pack in the affected area may help you with soothing the pain. Many times the dental pain is due to inflammation in that area. On application of ice packs it will help in bringing the inflammation down thereby relieving tooth pain in that area. Apply ice packs after every 10 minutes till the inflammation has reduced, this will help to dull the pain in that area. 

  1. CLOVE-

Clove has been known to effectively relieve tooth pain since historic times. Clove oil contains eugenol which is known to act as an obtundent, helps by soothing tooth pain. It is also known for its antiseptic properties which can help by reducing the infection around that area and reduce tooth pain. Dilute clove oil with a carrier oil like sunflower oil or jojoba oil then dab some amount onto a cotton ball and keep in the affected area. This can be repeated a few times so that the dental pain is completely relieved. Make sure to not directly apply clove or clove oil is the affected area without diluting as it may cause more chemical burn.


It is an excellent way to clean the mouth, using lukewarm water with a pinch of salt and gurgle. This acts as a natural antiseptic and helps in cleaning any food debris around the teeth and gums. Salt water rinses are excellent in not just keeping the mouth clean but also in healing wounds. It is definitely advisable to do salt water rinses in case of tooth pain especially at night. Visit a dental clinic to better understand the cause of your concern.


Some medicated gels are available over the counter which may help to numb tooth pain in the affected area. These gels contain lignocaine or benzocaine to help in numbing by relieving dental pain in that particular area of the mouth. Care should be taken to avoid children from consuming it.


This should be incorporated in oral care routine as well, mouthwash helps by reducing plaque and cleans off if there is any food debris accumulated in any region. Once the area with debris is cleaned off it will help to relieve pain in that area. Mouthwash prevents tartar deposition and has antibacterial properties. Consult a dentist near you to choose the right mouthwash for you.

All of the above home remedies can be tried to relieve night tooth pain, but ensure that you visit a dentist near you on priority to prevent any further discomfort. Book your appointment today at The Dental Bond to address all your dental concerns.

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