Tooth sensitivity: Surprising reasons and remedies

Is sipping hot coffee or enjoying an ice-cream painful or tingling? If you are clueless to why its happening, the take a chill pill! Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common teeth problem in the world. It’s not as difficult to treat as you probably think. And you are […]

How to get whiter teeth ?

Whiter teeth is everybody‚Äôs dream. The colour of your teeth affects the quality of your smile. It brightens your smile, adds life and makes you more confident. There are several new technologies in dentistry that help achieve a desirable smile with the help of Laser Teeth Whitening.  After all, a […]

Latest technologies in Dentistry

DENTISTRY has come a very long way in history. From removing teeth of slaves and placing inside the mouths of kings, here we a world of dental implants.. Giving every individual the freedom to be comfortable.. offering widest range of treatment that they can choose from! In todays time, […]