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How to get whiter teeth ?

Whiter teeth is everybody’s dream. The colour of your teeth affects the quality of your smile. It brightens your smile, adds life and makes you more confident. There are several new technologies in dentistry that help achieve a desirable smile with the help of Laser Teeth Whitening.  After all, a beautiful smile begins with a brighter set of teeth and who wouldn’t want one ?

Well, there are a number of products in the market that claim instant teeth whitening, or just teeth whitening. But the question is… how reliable is their claim? Understanding the components, durability and cost-effectiveness of the product is very important. So, here are things that you need to know to prep for teeth whitening:

Safety first !!

You should never rush into buying anything that offers instant teeth whitening instantly. As it can turn out to be risky and hamper your overall oral health. There are no shortcuts, however you can try whitening products if monitored under the guidance of a good dentist. 

What is teeth whitening.. ?

Professional teeth whitening -also called teeth bleaching, can be done at the dentists’ or at the comfort of your home (home bleaching). It is completely painless and safe -if done by the experts. Teeth whitening is a non invasive and effective procedure. You may or may not find immediate results depending upon the level of staining you have. 

Teeth Whitening Process

Chemical-based whitening are relatively safe, but if you are looking at saving time and getting the best possible results without any sensitivity, laserlaser teeth whitening is the way to go.

Laser teeth whitening is undoubtedly the best mode of bleaching your teeth as there is literally no post-procedural sensitivity, which is the most common concern of chemical bleaching.. and it can be done in a jiffy!  

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that requires only superficial level of intervening and hence almost anybody above the age of 15 can undergo the procedure. However, if you are a person with a history of tooth sensitivity, this might not be an ideal option for you. Also if you have very dark staining/pitting in your teeth whitening might not be as effective as it could be. However, only your best dentist will be aware of that. There are always other super cool options out there, to help bring out the best possible smile for you!

Why can’t I whiten my dead tooth (grey tooth) at home? 

The tooth that has become non vital (dead tooth), has its inner pulp (nerve bundle) leaking its dying substrates into surrounding dentin. The greying is from within and therefore has to be ‘internally bleached’ at the dentists’ instead. In such cases, you can go for a crown or a veneer and get the tooth treated appropriately, by looking up for the ‘Best dentist near me.

Why home remedies are not ALWAYS “very” safe/effective?

There is a certain threshold of our enamel within which it can safely receive a bleaching agent. Be it a bicarbonate paste (baking soda, soda powder), lemon juice (acid treating), if excessively used, it can harm your teeth significantly making it WEAK and BRITTLE. It can also cause wearing off of enamel and even severe sensitivity. There are products like charcoal powder for teeth whitening (finely ground) which contain carbon, that absorbs stains naturally without taking a toll on your dental health..!!  An easy hack my mother used before I became a dentist when she had something coming up, was burnt rice that was powdered and saved up in a bottle (Our ancestral family recipe for teeth whitening). This apparently helped removing her coffee stains and caused her no harm at all!

Here are a few basic tips to maintain your pretty white teeth:

-Brush your teeth after each meal with a soft-bristled brush
-Always rinse your mouth after having coffee/tea
-Stay away from coloured sauces & beverages
-Avoid excessive use of mouthwash
-Quit smoking

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