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Dr. Husain Harianawala

Dr. Harianawala started off his training in India in 2005 wherein he completed his dental degree and his Masters Program. He went onto to study at University of Zurich, Switzerland and became a part of the ITI (International Team for Implantology) to join other stalwarts of Implant Dentistry from around the world.

2 years later he was awarded the prestigious ITI Scholarship and is now a part of this very eminent and rare breed of Implant Scholars. Throughout his global journey, he has received tremendous knowledge on Dental Implantology and now goes on to impart his knowledge through lectures and courses conducted in various parts of the country and globe.

Dr. Harianawala,amongst some of the best implant dentists in Mumbai, has authored a book and co-authored over 20 international publications in the field of Dental Implants, Zirconia and other related subjects.

Accreditations ITI Scholar - ( Speaker, Fellow. 5 Years of Specialty Training. )

- Oral Implantologist and Prosthodontist Trained at University of Florida
- ITI (International Team for Implantology) Scholar.

Implant done right can last you a lifetime

- Husain Harianawala

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How are Implants different at The Dental Bond

  • Planning is the most important part of implant dentistry as planning is in most professional walks of life. At TDB we use Special softwares that help us understand treatment simplicity and complexity so that you get the desired long term successful outcome.

  • We understand that our patients desire the most beautiful and effective teeth to eat with. Our planning involves your teeth (material, shape, size, design, texture) before we even begin any part of the execution. This way you get to visualize what you’ll get before we even get started.

  • Dr Husain Harianawala has gathered his experience in implant dentistry and continues to train dentists across the globe in the field of implant dentistry. At TDB we have many dentists referring us patients with failing or failed implants and these are corrected regularly.

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