The Dental Bond is the top end dental practice in the top few cities in the world. We strive to be the best and achieve the best for ourselves and our patients who invest both their financial and emotional trust in us.  This is why our dental tourism front constantly […]

10 Reasons why India is the best choice for dental tourism ! 

Indian dentistry has grown beyond boundaries and there is a high sense of dental awareness among the population. It is one of the top 5 countries with maximum number of medical practitioners, thus increasing the demand for quality and competency. World has shrunk into a global village and made it […]

8 Ways to treat Toothache at night.

A toothache can be very annoying, especially at night. It will cause pain and uneasiness in the middle of the night making it impossible to fall asleep. Try to visit a dentist near you for regular check ups instead of waiting for the toothache to start and then visit a […]

Types of Toothbrush- Choosing the Best Toothbrush bristle.

Toothbrush bristles are available in many different types, they may differ in hardness, shape and size. Choosing the best toothbrush bristle may be a difficult decision when there are so many options available in the market. Let us try to understand how to choose the best toothbrush bristles- BRISTLE HARDNESS- […]

5 Reasons you need to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Do you casually and conveniently skip night brushing? If you try to understand the reasons why one should brush their teeth before going to bed, you may actually start looking forward to it. The thought of getting up from your bed just to brush your teeth at night may make […]

Why should wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, presumably when an individual is wise. Well, now that’s relative! Wisdom teeth are one of the few vestigial organs of the human body, the presence or absence of which doesn’t make much difference. According to anthropologists, humans have evolved beyond needing wisdom […]

How to choose the best dental implants for yourself- Know from the best dentists in Mumbai/ India.

With the advancement of technology, dental treatments have advanced too. When it comes to modern dental treatments, dental implants are unquestionably the most remarkable innovation. Nowadays people are well-known of the benefits of dental implants and hence are the most preferred treatment modality when it comes to the replacement of […]

How much should a visit to a dentist cost you?

Cut straight to the chase, the answer is – it depends. It depends on various factors, everyone’s dental need is uniquely different so you cannot expect your dental treatment cost to be similar to someone else. Let’s discuss what you pay when a dentist performs an examination and checkups. What […]

Aligners or braces: What’s the best for me ?

A healthy and balanced smile does not only mirror good oral health but also good overall health. Crooked or Mal-aligned teeth affect oral health and hygiene and many a time are a reason for embarrassment and lack of confidence. A beautiful smile and straight teeth are desired by everyone. So […]

Gummy Smile and six different ways to correct it.

A healthy and beautiful smile is not just about white teeth. Gums are also a crucial part of your mouth, but you probably don’t want them to show as much every time you smile. Causes of Gummy Smile: A well-balanced smile is a perfect smile, though this may differ from […]