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10 Reasons why India is the best choice for dental tourism ! 

  • Quality dental care

Indian dentistry has grown beyond boundaries and there is a high sense of dental awareness among the population. It is one of the top 5 countries with maximum number of medical practitioners, thus increasing the demand for quality and competency. World has shrunk into a global village and made it possible to bring down international standards in Indian dentistry as well. This revolutionary standard and technology together have contributed to the high quality of dental treatment -as good as any other developed country!

  • Ease of communication

India is a diversified culture with multiple languages but Indians especially in the city of Mumbai amongst many others, speak English fluently. Doctors and staff use the language routinely which makes treatment and related services more easy and understandable.

  • Enjoy the Indian Hospitality

Indians are known for their warm and welcoming nature. They value hospitality over anything and hold a traditional and compassionate approach. They are also well known for values, culture and a professional decorum making India stand out amongst the rest.

  • Indulge in various cultural and fun activities around the city

India is rich in diverse flavors of culture, customs, architecture, festivals, cuisines and also nature. It’s the best place to unwind your mind, release stress and enjoy the full benefits of tourism. As there is minimal recovery down time in dental treatments, it’s the best suited time of choice for a good spin around the country!

  • Global representation of Indian dentistry

It’s a well-known fact that Indians are soon gaining their popularity among global audience. Thanks to international continued education courses and global culture of dental professionals which has remarkably lifted the scope for dental tourism in India. 

Treatments such as Dental Implants which are which are very expensive in the USA, UK and Australia, are made available at almost 70% lesser cost. Popular Implants brands are used and treatments are executed by globally trained specialists.

  • Less expensive than most countries

It’s affordable. Dental tourism in India is much more affordable than in any other countries as the difference in pound/dollar to INR conversion is another cost advantage. This enables the same quality to be delivered at a comparatively affordable manner.

  • Ease of travel

Mumbai houses one the most well connected airports in the world which makes it a very accessible city from any part of the globe.

  • Dental treatment possibilities

There’s a variety of treatment possibilities in dentistry unlike the past, right from simple and general treatments to most comprehensive levels of dental intervention which is easily possible in India. Most multispeciality centers are well equipped with recent technology owing to increasing competition and this enables immediate and affordable treatment under one roof.

  • Ease of execution

Many medical /dental insurance companies are helping in easing out the process of traveling, offering financial support and executing the treatment is thus made simple!

  • Rigorous infection control system

High quality infection control owing to the increasing number of dental clinics and the demand

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