The right diet for your Dental health.

All Health starts from our mouths. The foods we eat, start getting digested by enzymes secreted by our salivary glands. If we chew well the food gets marinated in our saliva which starts to break the food down into different components- Complicated sugars get broken down into simple sugars which […]

Significance of clean and hygienic dental clinics.

Almost everyone prefers better medical attention and a cleaner environment. As part of their training, health professionals learn basic sterilization protocols and how to keep everything around them sterile. Yet, we don’t know or understand these protocols perfectly. How do you know if proper hygiene has been maintained? Who sets these protocols? How will I know if […]

How to avoid dental visits during Quarantine.

This period of self-isolation is a very crucial time for us to keep ourselves safe and healthy! One of the questions that may arise is “should I go to the dentist?” Remember, staying isolated is the key to controlling the spread of this dangerous virus. We should stay home, and […]

Different Dental Specializations. Orthodontist, Prosthodontist, Periodontist, Endodontist…

Your Oral health needs more than standard care and  the same kind of team consisting of trained professionals to treat. Your specialized dental needs. But in Dentistry the specialists are classified based on different types of treatments. Let me explain..We all know that there are specialists in every field .We […]