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Different Dental Specializations. Orthodontist, Prosthodontist, Periodontist, Endodontist…

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Your Oral health needs more than standard care and  the same kind of team consisting of trained professionals to treat. Your specialized dental needs. But in Dentistry the specialists are classified based on different types of treatments. Let me explain..We all know that there are specialists in every field .
We all know that there are specialists in every field .

Here is the list of types of treatments that exist in the mouth

-Treatment of dental decay – Endodontist
-Replacement of missing teeth – Prosthodontist
-Gum Surgeries – Periodontist
-Alignment of crooked teeth – Orthodontist
-Child Dental Specialist – Pedodontist
-Oral Cancers, Jaw fractures – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
-Management of oral ulcers and diseases -Oral Medicine and Radiologist

✤  There are many dental problems and accordingly it’s divided among the specializations.

And each specialization requires an additional specialist training of 3 years in that respective field beyond their general dentistry degree.

Here’s a quick rundown of the various dental specialists and what they do.


Antonomy of Tooth

An Endodontist specializes in dealing with saving the tooth from decay, relieving toothache; in short manages diseases and problems INSIDE the tooth including the pulp which is composed of nerves, blood vessels and tissues.
The endodontist will also often be able to save a tooth which has been badly decayed and broken down in your mouth.
They also specialize in aesthetic procedures such as teeth whitening and restoration of smile with resinous composite veneers.

●   Prosthodontist

Dental Implants

A prosthodontist specializes in replacement of missing teeth and restoration of teeth that are in a damaged, or worn out condition. They are the front liners for Dental Implants and aesthetic procedures like Laminates and veneers. This specialization holds very high regard for people of the above 50 years age group, people who’ve neglected their dental problems for years together.

Prosthodontists also look to address temporomandibular (jaw) joint disorders caused because of bad bite patterns, worn out teeth. Some patients may also seek aesthetic procedures to improve the alignment, symmetry and shape of their teeth. All of these procedures aim to reconstruct teeth and make it healthy and physically more attractive. Dr Husain Harianawala is the chief prosthodontist at The Dental Bond. What makes him unique is he’s a prosthodontist and has done his fellowship in the surgical aspects of implant dentistry at the University of Florida during his scholarship. Our patients get the benefit of having the entire procedure done by one true specialist in the field. There are only 270 fully trained implant specialists like Dr Husain Harianawala all over the world making him one of the best implant

● Periodontist

Damaged gums

Periodontists specialize in the diseases of the gums. A periodontist addresses diseases of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. They remove damaged tissue and perform surgery on the gums to preserve the teeth and the soft tissues.(improve the quality and quantity of gum tissue). Periodontists also do the surgical aspects of implant dentistry.

● Orthodontist


Orthodontists treat dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists provide a wide range of treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix bad bites and align teeth. The main cause for malpositioned/malaligned teeth are usually habits like mouth breathing, thumb sucking, etc. They also work on the habits by giving unique habit breaking appliances which, intervened at the right time can allow for appropriate and proportionate growth of the jaws

●     Pedodontist

Dentist with kids

 Pediatric dentistry is a special branch of dentists who specialize in dealing with kids especially below 6 years of age. They are known as Pedodontists, this special branch takes care of all the dental problems associated with children from infancy till their teens.  Pediatric dentists will guide children and teens through their dental growth and development. Along with the regular  dental work for children they also help in preventive treatment with diet and nutrition, and oral hygiene maintenance and routine.

● Oral and maxillofacial surgeon


Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are treating a wide variety of dental and facial issues such as fractures of the jaw and face, Orthognathic surgeries, cancers of the mouth head and neck. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform more complex procedures requiring general anesthesia. You don’t need this type of dental specialist for routine dental surgical procedures.

● Oral medicine and radiologist

Mouth Ulcer

Oral medicine and radiologist provide an essential link between dentistry and dental medicine. This speciality is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the supporting structures of our teeth; that is oral mucosal disease. This speciality also deals with oral ulcers, infectious lesions in and around the mouth

 These are the dental specialists that you might see during a lifetime of your oral care.

Dentistry has evolved over time into multiple specializations because of the excessive detail there exists in every branch. It is not possible in today’s day and time for one dentist to be doing it all. We at The Dental Bond one of the best dentists in Mumbai work very closely with our team of specialists to form a formidable team which is dedicated to delivering the best possible dentistry to our patients using the finest of technology in the most caring and gentlest of ways.

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