Do you know when your child needs to have their first dental visit? It might be earlier than you think ….

As a parent to a newborn and an infant, there are so many firsts in life. The first word, first step, first tooth, first birthday, etc. Every day your child is hitting milestones, but did you know the first dental visit is one of them? Dental visit !! for an […]

Why is it important to choose a dentist for your kid carefully?

The foundation of a healthy mouth of an individual can begin in the initial days of his life. The sooner the children begin with regular dental checkups the better their dental health will be. First dental visit plays a pivotal role in further visits to a dental clinic, especially for […]

When should we change our toothbrush?

Tooth brushing is the first step we take towards our oral hygiene. Do you know your toothbrush can harbor millions of bacteria if not replaced regularly. If you need to change your toothbrush, no matter how fancy it is, it’s time! What happens if you don’t replace your toothbrush on […]