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How to avoid dental visits during Quarantine.

This period of self-isolation is a very crucial time for us to keep ourselves safe and healthy!

One of the questions that may arise is “should I go to the dentist?”

Remember, staying isolated is the key to controlling the spread of this dangerous virus. We should stay home, and focus on more important things like mind, body, and teeth. Optimal health is to make sure you don’t end up with any problems at all including dental problems or infections. Eat well, Exercise well, stay away, stay safe.

You can decide based on the intensity of your dental problem. If you’re from Mumbai, we would recommend seeing the best dentist in Mumbai to help you with your teeth woes; as he/she would have a detailed record which will allow them to have a better understanding of your situation.

Given below are some common dental problems and the treatment for the same. Visit the best dentist in Mumbai and get an upper hand to help you resolve your tooth problems.

Oral Ulcers

Ulcers – Oral ulcers are small lesions that develop in your mouth or at the base of your gums. It can be managed by applying a gel on the affected area 2-3 times a day and by avoiding spicy foods. Easily available gels are Mucopain (Benzocaine 20%), Hexigel (chlorhexidine gluconate 1%),, or their equivalents – easily available in nearby chemists.

Breakage of orthodontic brackets

Breakage of orthodontic brackets – If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s very important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions as it may not be possible to schedule a visit due to this crisis. But even if you tend to break your orthodontic bracket, inform your orthodontist at the earliest and keep the broken piece with you safely.

Breakage of composite attachments – In such a case, one can always go back to the old aligner that fits them perfectly or use some food wax. Remember to maintain your oral hygiene, and keep your orthodontic in the loop.

Orthodontic wire sticking out – You can simply apply some orthodontic wax and try to mould the wire in its original place.

Teeth Sensitivity

Mild Sensitivity – Sensitivity to having cold or hot foods can be very disturbing. Apply a desensitizing toothpaste on the affected tooth keep it for five minutes and wash it away. Do this 2-3 times a day.

The temporary crown comes out – Amidst this crisis, it is important to remember to maintain your oral hygiene Good maintenance of oral hygiene with brushing and flossing is mandatory. Don’t forget to rinse after every meal or in-between snacking.

Can there be a situation where home remedies may not work?

Yes, there may be some dental emergency situations where your dentist may ask you to visit him at the clinic. These are unforeseen situations that could crop up. The odds of these happening are lesser if you’re visiting one of the best dentists in Mumbai, as you would be on regular follow-up visits.

Some examples of  dental emergencies are:

Tooth Pain

Wisdom tooth pain/ infection – you may feel pain at the back of your mouth which may be moderate to high and sometimes there may be difficulty in opening your mouth.

Severe throbbing pain in your jaw-  The most common causes of jaw pain is tooth infection/ decay/ fracture. One way to relive this pain is to use heat compression.

Wisdom Teeth

Gum irritation or swelling near wisdom teeth – pericoronitis is a dental term used for gum inflammation or swelling around wisdom teeth.

Tooth fracture

Shaky/ loose Tooth/Tooth fracture – broken tooth resulting in pain or causing wear of gums or cheek.

All dental concerns, no matter how big or small must be discussed with your dentist. After which he would take necessary actions.

As healthcare providers and the best dentists in Mumbai, we at The Dental Bond are here to help you. Be it a minor concern or an emergency. You can discuss your dental problems with a specialist via audio/ video call, and receive the best possible remedy.

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