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The right diet for your Dental health.

All Health starts from our mouths. The foods we eat, start getting digested by enzymes secreted by our salivary glands. If we chew well the food gets marinated in our saliva which starts to break the food down into different components- Complicated sugars get broken down into simple sugars which can be used by our cells to get the energy they need to function well. So what we can infer from this is: we need a good set of teeth to chew the food well; and we need to eat good food which has all the necessary ingredients to keep all the cells of your body fully energized so all our organs can function perfectly well.

Avoid Junk food

We all have heard since our childhood that eating too much sugar can damage our teeth. But wait for a second, there’s more to it than just avoiding a lot of sugar. 
Just as we eat greens for our skin and bones, carrots for our eyes. Avoid too much-processed food for the heart, and synthetic food color for our stomach and our gut. We also need to eat and avoid certain foods, to maintain our oral health.
Let’s see how different foods can help protect your teeth from all the bad stuff.


Dairy Products and Healthy food
  • Rich fruits and vegetables – Foods that are rich in fibre like apple, banana, potatoes, beans, broccoli etc. stimulate saliva flow which is the best natural defense against cavities. It also helps in restoring minerals to teeth, maintaining our oral health.
  • Dairy products – Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese are very good nutritionally for your teeth. Teeth need calcium to stay strong. Cheese is another saliva generator, which does not encourage bacterial growth and enhances our oral health.
  • Green vegetables and protein-rich food – These healthier foods contain many nutrients that are essential for the health of your teeth. They also help remineralization of the teeth.
  • Foods that contain fluoride – Fluoridated drinking water, seafood, raisins, powdered cereals etc. help your teeth. Fluoride has an anticariogenic property which prevents cavities. Fluoride treatment is routinely carried out at The Dental Bond, one of the best dental clinics in mumbai, as a preventive measure for good dental care

This is an overview of what are the best foods for your dental care. If you reside in mumbai, you can get a personalized diet plan and dental care routine from any of the best dentists in mumbai. 

Candies and soft drinks


  • Sticky candies and sweets – A lot of us love sweets but there are these sticky ones which is a big NO!! for your teeth. So thumbs down for lollipops, caramels, candies. Surprisingly thumbs up for chocolates and chocolate bars because the sugar in these bars are coated in fat so it easily slips out of your teeth.
  • Starchy foods – Starchy foods are nothing but refined carbohydrates such as chips, bread, or crackers. Anything that sticks between your teeth should be avoided as it can harbour bacteria which start to eat on your teeth. Since they are sticky, they can be missed while flossing and brushing, if not done appropriately.
  • Acid rich foods and drinks – High acid containing drinks and foods such as citrus, carbonated drinks, will cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. The acids in these foods dissolve the enamel crystals partially making it a micro rough surface. This can cause the tooth to stain, attract plaque and eventually decay.
  • Alcoholic beverages – Alcoholic beverages dry your mouth; meaning it reduces the quantity of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is very important for our oral health, as it helps clean and protect your teeth in several ways.

The food we consume will have a direct impact on our teeth as our mouth is the first part of our body which comes in contact with it.

Brush with flossing

Eating healthier foods always has a positive effect on both overall health and oral health. You can contact your dentist to help you understand more about your diet and dental care to evaluate your teeth once every six months.

Whenever there are cheat days, where we avoid healthy stuff and eat the forbidden foods, you can protect your teeth by brushing and flossing them after the meal or drink some water and rinse thoroughly.

Brushing your teeth regularly, flossing and routine dental care will also help ensure that your teeth and oral health remain in the best possible condition. Your dentist or any of the best dentists in Mumbai can educate and guide you about your dental care.

At The Dental Bond, being one of the awarded best dentists in Mumbai, we guide you about your oral hygiene by sharing tips on oral care measures like brushing and flossing techniques and dental care with images of your own teeth.

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