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Types of Toothbrush- Choosing the Best Toothbrush bristle.

Toothbrush bristles are available in many different types, they may differ in hardness, shape and size. Choosing the best toothbrush bristle may be a difficult decision when there are so many options available in the market. Let us try to understand how to choose the best toothbrush bristles-


There are three main types of bristle hardness, soft, medium and hard. Most people only need to choose between soft and medium to clean their teeth efficiently. Hard bristles are not recommended to be used on natural teeth as they can damage the outermost layer, enamel. A hard bristled brush will damage your teeth and gums especially if incorrect brushing technique is used. For good dental health and oral hygiene, it is a must to understand the right brushing technique. 


The size of the head of your toothbrush is very important as it will affect the ability to brush efficiently for better dental hygiene. There are a variety of sizes but usually small toothbrush heads are preferred for better toothcare than large heads. The small 

toothbrush head enables you to clean all areas of the mouth, especially the teeth right at the back in your mouth and also prevents yellow teeth.


The shape of your brush’s bristles actually play a very important role on your overall oral health even if you may not know about them. Toothbrush bristles come in different shapes, rounded and straight. Both straight and rounded bristles may feel like they are doing a good job cleaning your mouth but straight bristles end up doing more harm than good. Bristles having sharp tips are more likely to cause damage to your gums while brushing thereby also increasing the chances of injury, infection and inflammation. When oral hygiene is maintained it helps to prevent cavities and reduces the chance of your teeth appearing yellow in color.


The handle design may vary and you can choose any according to your comfort and convenience. They are available in straight, contra-angle, non-slip grip and flexible type. Main motive is adequate oral care, for that any can be selected according to the comfort of the patient, you can refer to your dentist for more details.


It is a personal choice to either brush with manual or electric toothbrush. Both will do an excellent job in maintaining good oral hygiene. The more important factor would be to brush with the proper technique for at least two minutes covering all surfaces of your teeth, twice a day as recommended by the best dentists in Mumbai. Both are equally efficient in maintaining dental hygiene. Electric toothbrushes are generally more expensive than manual, also they do the majority of the work with a click of the button.

Irrespective of whether you use a manual or an electric toothbrush the most important aspect is the correct brushing technique. This will help you to maintain adequate dental hygiene.


The best dentist in Andheri will advise you that the correct brushing technique will involve angling your brush at 45 degrees facing towards your gums, placing it between the junction of your teeth and gums. Start with short front and back strokes then end with a sweeping motion. Your strokes can extend to 3-4 teeth at a time, covering all surfaces of teeth. To understand the brushing technique consult a dentist near you.

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