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How much should a visit to a dentist cost you?

Cut straight to the chase, the answer is – it depends. It depends on various factors, everyone’s dental need is uniquely different so you cannot expect your dental treatment cost to be similar to someone else.

Let’s discuss what you pay when a dentist performs an examination and checkups.

What you will pay for during a regular dental check-up.

During regular dental check up, dentists will examine you and charge you for x-rays, diagnostic photographs and for check up and consultation. The best dental clinics in Lokhandwala charge around 1000-2000 INR. These costs can vary widely depending upon various factors. 

During this pandemic, there can be additional charges for personal protective equipment used and for other extra precautions, which are generally followed by the clinics of the best dentists in Lokhandwala or Mumbai.

It’s a general thought process, that dental services are charged according to the dentist’s whims and fancies, well that is not the case. What you pay doesn’t just cover regular dental check ups. It also goes towards the cost of maintaining a comfortable, safe and hygienic treatment and infection free environment.

What to expect at a Routine dental check up?

The best dentists in Lokhandwala and Mumbai will review your medical and dental history. Multiple records will be made during your visit to a dentist for a regular dental check-up. This is where you can mention any concerns you have about your teeth, gums, and oral health. The dentists will then analyze the history and will take you to the examination room. Then, he will then use specialized instruments to closely examine your teeth and gums. The dentist will make a record of findings in your mouth. If any other diagnostic imaging is required such as x-rays and photographs- they will be taken for diagnostic purposes.

After recording the findings, dentists will inform you about your oral health and also advise you on the best treatment. During the consultation, the dentist might suggest different oral hygiene maintenance modalities. Moreover, he will suggest a treatment plan based on the situation and prioritize.

These are sequences of events you will go through in the clinics of the best dentists in Lokhandwala or Mumbai.

Real cost of missing out on your regular dental check ups.

Tip by the best dentists in Lokhandwala- Scheduling regular dental checkups may seem expensive and unnecessary. But skipping out on these you neglect your oral health, you might need more pricey treatment to repair the damage.

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