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7 Reasons why Dental Check ups are so important.

You will commonly hear dentists advise on how regular check up is so important and it may actually benefit the patient in several ways. Let’s discuss some points on why the best dental doctors in Mumbai believe that regular dental check ups are very important.

Dental check ups done in every six months will have 7 following benefits-


Even on regular brushing and flossing, you may accumulate some amounts of plaque in certain areas in your mouth. Some areas are more difficult to clean than the others and when you regularly get examined by a professional doctor then the chances that tartar hardens into calculus are less. In case there are areas which require a round of cleaning then your doctor can advise you for the same.

In certain areas if hygiene maintenance is poor then your dentist can guide you as to how to maintain better oral hygiene and motivate you to do so. This will definitely benefit your overall hygiene in the long run.


Decay starts in areas where hygiene is not maintained adequately. A regular check up can do wonders by helping your dentist detect cavities in an early stage. When a cavity is detected in incipient stages, the treatment can be initiated early which helps to save maximum of your tooth structure thus prolonging the good prognosis of the tooth. Some options like remineralization of tooth structure can also be done in decalcified areas provided it is in the incipient stage.


It is not uncommon any more to hear about the occurrence of oral cancer. It is always advisable for a better treatment outcome that the diagnosis should be made early. A regular dental health check up ensures that the tissue in and around the oral cavity is thoroughly checked to rule out cancer. Regular screening is advised not just by all good dentists in Mumbai but also by cancer specialists. Cancer is an extremely serious condition and therefore one cannot take it lightly, regular check ups are a must to rule out any possibility.


Plaque and tartar accumulation around the gums left unclean for a long time can result in inflammation of gums, which is called gingivitis. Gums are a very important supporting structure for the tooth and gingivitis can weaken it. Gingivitis when left unaddressed, can lead to periodontitis, which is inflammation of gums and supporting structure holding the tooth in its position. To avoid all of this, regular check ups with a round of cleaning can be very beneficial.


Certain habits can have a bad impact on your overall health and oral health, sometimes without you even realizing they may be of any concern. 

In adults, habits like nail biting, jaw clenching, grinding your teeth subconsciously, brushing your teeth too hard, smoking and even drinking beverages like tea and coffee.

In children habits like mouth breathing, thumb sucking and tongue thrusting can cause not just dental problems but also hinder the growth in oro facial region and influence the anatomy of the area. This needs to be detected earlier by an orthodontist which can be covered in the orthodontic check up.


A very important part of regular check up is X rays, it helps your dentist to see what is underneath that cannot be sometimes seen by the naked eye. On routine X ray examination it may be observed that a wisdom tooth may be erupting in the wrong direction with a space constraint or decay can be observed in between teeth. Both of these issues are of concern and it is always better to get diagnosed earlier than wait for the pain to shoot and then start acting on it. This helps the dentist in planning your dental treatment better and you can schedule an appointment as per your convenience. Many cysts, tumors and lesions are also visible on X ray making it an important diagnostic tool.

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