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How to stop Bleeding gums : 10 methods to try at Home.

Every once in a while if you notice bleeding gums and shrug it off thinking it is normal then think again. Bleeding gums are a sign that there is some underlying condition. There may be many situations where you may observe bleeding from gums like from brushing your teeth or while using a floss or toothpick around your gums. The best dentists in Mumbai will advise you that it is absolutely essential to identify the cause and get it treated rather than to ignore the signs. 

Here are simple 10 methods to try at home to stop bleeding gums-


The most important reason why you may experience bleeding from gums is because of poor oral hygiene. When there is accumulation of plaque along the gum line it will cause inflammation to gums leading to bleeding gums. The best bleeding gums treatment would be to maintain oral hygiene. If there is improper brushing or flossing in any area it will encourage tartar accumulation thus leading to bleeding gums. Therefore it is advisable by the best dentists in Mumbai to brush twice daily and floss once a day. Good oral hygiene will help in reducing bleeding from gums.


It is recommended for gum care to use a mouthwash, this will help to reduce plaque and infection around the gums area, thus reducing inflammation in and around swollen, irritated gums. Certain medicated mouthwashes which contain chlorhexidine will be indicated, which is best if your dentist prescribes. This will take care of the bleeding gums and any infection associated with your gums.


Whenever we experience bleeding gums, a sterile gauze can be used to apply pressure in that area to stop bleeding. When pressure is applied for some time it helps with forming a clot thereby reducing bleeding in the affected area. In certain immunocompromised patients like in leukemia, bleeding gums is commonly experienced and some precautions need to be followed. Arresting bleeding with the help of sterile gauze may prove beneficial along with maintaining good oral hygiene.


Warm salt water gurgling can help act as an antiseptic and helps in reducing inflammation around gums. It will speed up recovery and arrest bleeding gums. Use a glass of lukewarm water with a pinch of salt and use this to gurgle, repeat it several times a day as a treatment for bleeding gums.


Using an ice pack, cold compress of an ice cube for cold compression of the affected area will help with arresting bleeding gums and also help in soothing the inflamed, irritated gum. Ice packs help with reducing swelling in that area and help in reducing bleeding gums. Apply it for 5-10 minutes at one go, repeat it every 10-15 minutes till the bleeding stops, in case it does not please reach out to a doctor.


Turmeric is used to naturally reduce infection and inflammation, it may be used to stop the bleeding gums. Applying turmeric paste may in some cases help to reduce the inflammation in that area and stop bleeding gums. Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin which has similar effects like that of chlorhexidine which help in reducing infection.


Smoking is a major cause for causing gum disease as told by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with being a risk factor for heart disease, lung cancer and even stroke. Smoking lowers your body’s immunity thereby making it difficult to fight off infection. Quitting smoking can be very beneficial not just for gum health but also for your overall health.


Stress has a direct correlation with periodontal health, what that means is emotional health is very important for the health of your gums. In periodontally compromised individuals it is often noticed that gum health is compromised. Emotional health may cause many people to neglect their oral hygiene therefore causing bleeding gums.


Flossing once a day helps to take care of tartar buildup in between your teeth thereby reducing any inflammation around the gums. Flossing is a must for healthy gums and it will also help with gums care. After a few days of regular flossing, bleeding gums should automatically reduce.


Food items rich in vitamin C can cause a boost in immunity and strengthen your gums as well. It will help to fight off any infection around the gums and prevent it from bleeding. 

A deficiency of vitamin C in your diet will lead to bleeding and spongy gums, which are a sign of unhealthy gums. Food items rich in vitamin C include oranges, carrots, amla, etc. Your doctor can also recommend a dietary intake of vitamin C tablets to boost your immunity and gum health. Top dentists in Mumbai will tell you a healthy diet will benefit with an overall healthy gums.

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