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Checklist to choose the best Dentist for Dental Implants.

Dental Implants are the most advanced treatment option for replacement of missing teeth, it involves a minor surgical procedure under local aesthetic. It is opted to replace missing natural teeth to restore aesthetics and function.

Main advantages of choosing implants to replace missing natural teeth are as follows-

  1. It takes support from the bone and therefore preparing adjacent teeth is not required.
  2. It has strength as it is embedded in bone.
  3. It is durable in nature.
  4. It helps to restore function and aesthetics.
  5. Long term solution for replacement of teeth.
  6. Attractive and a more confident smile.

The process of placing an implant needs the right skillset, knowledge and experience to obtain best results. A trained Implantologist usually performs the surgery who is generally experienced and well trained, but it may be confusing to find the right dentist for the procedure.

This blog will help you choose the best dentist for Implants-


A specialist requires additional training and expertise in implant surgery. The best time to understand your specialist’s educational qualification and experience will be in the first appointment. You can enquire about the same or check your dentist’s website to understand better.


Your dentist will ask you for certain scans and X rays for better planning of your case. Once the planning is done then comes the in depth consultation where your implantologist will explain to you how they plan to go about with execution of the case. They may explain everything in detail about the treatment plan along with costing. In the consultation phase if you feel convinced to go ahead with the treatment then you can plan and take appointments.


After visiting the dental clinic for the first time, if you like the behavior of staff and doctors, the overall ambience then you can decide to go ahead with this clinic. It is most important to feel comfortable and happy in a clinic before starting the treatment. If you feel unsatisfied after visiting the clinic then it would make more sense to consider more options.


You can check the doctor’s website for patient’s feedback and video testimonials. Once you feel like you can trust your dentist then you can go ahead with the treatment scheduling. Another patient’s feedback is usually helpful to be able to trust your dentist. The experience of another patient can be helpful in understanding the whole implant surgery procedure.

In completely edentulous patients, where the patient has lost all teeth due to gum disease, they can opt for permanent dentures or full mouth dental implants. The advantage of permanent denture is that it requires jo surgery, the disadvantage is that they have to be removed every night, may get loose with wear and the patient may not feel satisfied while chewing.

The major advantage of full mouth dental implants over permanent dentures is that they are fixed and feel like natural teeth with very good chewing efficiency.

There are two main type of dental implants-

  1. Single tooth implant to replace a single tooth, it will have a single crown. It replaces your entire tooth from root to crown. Usually the healing time for bone to fuse with the implant is 6-12 weeks. In case of missing multiple teeth, you can opt for the other type of implant.
  2. An implant supported bridge would be advisable if there are multiple missing teeth. The process is similar to placing a single implant but the prosthesis will have more than one crown.
  3. Replacing all your teeth by using an implant retained denture, called full mouth implant. This is indicated when the majority of your teeth are missing. It could be either in one jaw or both jaws, this will involve placing more than one implant at a time. Once your healing is complete then your dentist will make a custom made denture for you.

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