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Complete Guide To Maintaining Healthy Gums.

Most important aspect of maintaining oral hygiene will be to maintain healthy gums. It does not matter in the long run how white your teeth are or how bright your smile is as much as it matters how healthy your gums are. Without a healthy support around the tooth, it would become loose and would not be able to provide the kind of support that it needs to carry out everyday functions.

Even with the prettiest smile and cavity free teeth, if your gum support is not healthy there is a chance it is going to not last you for very long. Usually gum diseases go unnoticed as there is no pain, teeth bleeding may be a symptom present which may be missed thinking nothing is wrong with their gums.


Gum infection starts when there is deposition of plaque around the gum line. Plaque or tartar is a sticky whitish film-like substance that is filled with bacteria, food debris, salivary components, etc. Plaque may seem harmless but is actually a causative agent for gum infection and even cavities. When plaque remains attached around your teeth, it leads to irritation in that area causing inflammation of gums also called Gingivitis. Gum infection treatment is offered at The Dental Bond.

In gingivitis the following stages can be observed in your gums-

  1. Slightly swollen & tender gums.
  2. The gums may appear reddish in color instead of pink.
  3. You may notice bleeding gums.
  4. The margins may appear slightly rolled as opposed to healthy sharp margins.

​​Top dentists in Mumbai will tell you that if the stage of gingivitis is arrested in the initial stage and reversed by maintaining proper oral care there is no significant damage caused. But in a situation where the condition is not identified in time, it leads to damage to the supporting structure of the tooth called the periodontium. Once there is inflammation in the periodontium, it is called periodontitis, where the bone and surrounding structure of the tooth are affected.

In case the periodontitis sets in without any measures taken towards better oral hygiene, it will lead to bone loss in certain areas along with loss of supporting structure leading to a loose or mobile tooth. In cases of chronic infection the tooth sometimes cannot be salvageable and needs to be extracted.

Gum disease is definitely preventable by gum care and here is how you can maintain it well-


Floss at least once a day to remove the tartar present in between your teeth where your brush cannot reach. Even if you feel lazy make sure to never skip on your flossing routine.


If you are regular with your cleaning sessions then your dentist can detect your gum infection early and therefore can guide you better with how to reverse the gum inflammation in early stages. It can help you get rid of the plaque that you may have missed while brushing or flossing. The best dentists in Mumbai will advise you to get your teeth cleaned once every six months to have good oral hygiene.


It has been shown to have a very strong association with gum infection. Smoking impacts the healing ability of the gums and has shown a reason to trigger gum disease in many patients so it would be best to refrain from it.


Brushing twice a day is highly recommended to maintain good oral hygiene and overall gum care. Brushing with the right technique is of utmost importance as well. It is advisable to consult your dentist for the same.


It is recommended to use a mouthwash at least once a day to maintain good oral hygiene around your gums. It helps to rinse out food debris and plaque from in between your teeth.

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