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What is Laser Dentistry and What are its Benefits?

The most recent advancements in dentistry include laser technology which enables the dentist to give you the best quality of treatment. Even though lasers have always been used in dentistry, the lasers have been improved, enhanced and modernized. The best dentists in Mumbai will tell you that laser is a […]

Know how Smiling Increases Your Confidence

Smile Makeover, Full mouth rehabilitation, Cosmetic dentistry, Dental treatment, Teeth whitening A smile is how we express happiness and joy, your oral health has an impact on overall well being and emotional health as well. The best dentists in Mumbai will tell you here is how smiling will boost your […]

Tips to take care of the child’s oral health.

Many children at a very young age may experience dental problems like tooth pain, early loss of teeth accompanied by difficulty in chewing food making it problematic for the child. All of these need to be addressed at an early age by visiting a pediatric dentist near you. A kids […]

Top 6 Long Term Health Benefits of Braces You Probably Weren’t Aware Of.

Braces are used to align teeth in case of malalignment. There are many benefits of getting braces done for your teeth but let’s discuss some of the uncommon health benefits of braces that you probably weren’t aware of. The best orthodontists in Mumbai will tell you that health benefits of […]

Guide to prevent cavities with simple Oral hygiene habits.

Decay in teeth occurs when foods which contain carbohydrates like sugars and starches, (for eg breads, milk, soda, cakes, or candy) are left behind on the surface of teeth.  Bacteria that are already living in the mouth will digest these foods and turn them into acids.  This bacteria along with […]

Can you Reverse a Cavity? Complete End-to-End guide.

Let us first understand what a cavity is, the structure of our teeth are made up of hydroxyapatite crystals which are composed of calcium and phosphorus. The food that we consume might remain lodged in our teeth, the bacteria present in our mouth react with it to produce acid. This […]


On a visit to your dentist for replacing your upper back teeth, you may have been advised sinus lift prior to placement of your implants. Many of the times a dentist may also advise replacement of teeth for cosmetic reasons in case it affects your smile or cheek fullness. In […]

Top Things To Consider When Buying a Toothbrush

We all have struggled with which toothbrush to buy at some or the other point. This blog will help you to understand better which toothbrush to choose to help you maintain better dental hygiene and prevent cavities. After a session of teeth whitening it is generally advised to brush regularly […]


Top Dentist in mumbai, Dental Hospital In Mumbai, Dental hygiene It may seem confusing to have to make a choice for the best orthodontist near you. An orthodontist is an expert in aligning the teeth in its ideal position, giving you an aesthetic smile while maintaining a harmonious balance between […]

Debunking 5 of the Biggest Myths About Oral Health

Let’s talk about a few common myths of oral health and shed some light on them for a better understanding. Best dentists will advise you that the following are only myths and are not to be believed. MYTH 1 : BRUSHING HARDER CLEANS BETTER Many people try to brush harder […]

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