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Tips to pull through Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth Ever wondered why our third molars are called Wisdom Teeth? It developed this name due its nature of arriving or erupting late (age of 17 -25). Why are wisdom teeth such trouble makers? Food lodgment can result in tooth decay of the wisdom tooth itself, and many a […]

Caries – Tooth Decay and ways to prevent it!

Introduction. We easily ignore little holes, dark spots and food getting stuck there.. But this dental decay can be alarming when pain hits you in the middle of the night from nowhere? A simple dental decay can cost you a whole tooth, no matter how well or hard you brush […]

Gum Disease- The Silent killer for your teeth.

We all know gums are the soft tissue part in our mouth which covers our jaw bones, teeth and it’s roots. Gums support your teeth structure, and plays an important role in the foundation for your teeth. Our gums are the first line of defense in our mouths. They form […]

Dental Veneers

What are veneers? Dental veneers or dental laminates are wafer-thin custom designed by a dentist to fit the front surfaces of your teeth. These can be of two types based on the material used – resin veneers or porcelain veneers. Resin veneers are a light-cured composite resin that are directly […]

Floss like a boss!

Having tomato peels and spinach stuck in your teeth and not knowing can be your worst nightmare! Everyone wants a clean and healthy smile. That’s where using a dental floss comes into the picture for your oral care. Flossing helps remove the bacterial plaque and food debris near the gum […]

How to find a good dentist

Just the thought of visiting a dentist can be scary enough, finding a new one can be a nightmare. Afterall a dental visit is definitely not worth a test try and fail. If you are in a hunt for ‘the good dentist’ here are some facts to help you out! […]

Tooth sensitivity: Surprising reasons and remedies

Is sipping hot coffee or enjoying an ice-cream painful or tingling? If you are clueless to why its happening, the take a chill pill! Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common teeth problem in the world. It’s not as difficult to treat as you probably think. And you are […]

How to get whiter teeth ?

Whiter teeth is everybody’s dream. The colour of your teeth affects the quality of your smile. It brightens your smile, adds life and makes you more confident. There are several new technologies in dentistry that help achieve a desirable smile with the help of Laser Teeth Whitening.  After all, a […]

Latest technologies in Dentistry

DENTISTRY has come a very long way in history. From removing teeth of slaves and placing inside the mouths of kings, here we a world of dental implants.. Giving every individual the freedom to be comfortable.. offering widest range of treatment that they can choose from! In todays time, […]

Wisdom Tooth Pain: How to deal with it ?

Most of us have gone through a bad wisdom tooth pain. Before heading right in, let’s see how and why your last tooth (a.k.a wisdom tooth) is such a pain in the jaw! We know humans are ever-evolving and so are their food habits. Jaws were much larger 200 odd […]

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