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Caries – Tooth Decay and ways to prevent it!


We easily ignore little holes, dark spots and food getting stuck there.. But this dental decay can be alarming when pain hits you in the middle of the night from nowhere? A simple dental decay can cost you a whole tooth, no matter how well or hard you brush thereafter- it’s not going back, not even when you visit the best of dentists in Mumbai or world.

detailed anatomy of teeth

Tooth is composed of 3 layers Enamel, Dentin, Pulp of which enamel is the hardest and yet, does not have the ability to self repair! You can save yourself from an extensive root canal just by noticing and attending to the tooth decay at the right time.That being said, let’s get closer and take a look at how one can self identify a dental decay.

A cavitated dental decay often goes unnoticed due to 2 reasons majorly :

  1. Its covered with food debris
  2. Its hidden between your teeth

? To self assess decays, you may look for some of these….

Look for blackish stains on top surfaces of your teeth every now and then. Frequent food lodgement.
Sensitivity on hot and cold stimulus.
Broken parts of tooth/sharp edges of teeth.

*Sometimes dental decay can occur between two teeth, below gum lines and at back surfaces of your front teeth… these can be dangerous as they are occult cavities/ hidden cavities.

*Self assessment has its own limitations and you must see best dentist in Mumbai in order to have a clear understanding of how the dental decays can be fixed. If you don’t know how to identify the best dentist in mumbai or in your city. Click here

Understanding caries or dental decay

In order to understand the gravity of a dental decay or cavities situation and avoid it effectively, one must be aware of the causative factors to eliminate them

Reasons for Decay

The stages or factors creating a tooth decay are Food. Bacteria. Time.

If one of the factors are eliminated, tooth decay can be avoided.

Food :

Avoid sticky and sugary diet. Brush and floss twice every day. Gargle or rinse your mouth after every meal and drink.


It’s neither possible nor healthy to eliminate the oral flora completely from your mouth. However you can keep it within safe limits by maintaining a healthy diet thereby staying on high immune levels, drinking plenty of water- natural cleansing etc.


Avoid frequent snacking Avoid sweets in between meals and try taking it along with meals instead.

The lesser the time = the better you avoid tooth decay or cavities.

How can I save my teeth from caries!

Once dental decay or cavities has started, it’s ever progressing and it requires immediate care. It’s not going to reverse the damage it has caused/causing. Well, the good news is that it the cavities can be stopped with the help of teeth fillings.

The procedure of teeth filling is a minimally invasive procedure which can be done with a tooth-colored filling material. All the best dentists in Mumbai use the best tooth colored teeth filling material. So no need to worry about the color change or esthetics unless you want colorful or rainbow looking teeth!! At The Dental Bond, our specialist use different materials such as Composite resins and Ceramics to restore a broken down or cavitated teeth. These procedures are painless and executed with infection control protocols.

In more severe cases of dental decay, one tends to have pain or discomfort and this may be due to the extension One need not worry about removing a tooth as long as there is no severe infection that can survive a Root Canal Therapy.
In nutshell, extraction/removing a cavitated tooth is the last thing you should consider when there is a dental decay. The sooner and more regularly you visit the best dentist in mumbai the lesser trouble you can expect.

Painless decay in tooth

Oftentimes, people notice a tooth decay that is too large and extensive that it has almost consumed the entire crown but remain painless and yet some of us complain of pain and discomfort even with a smaller tooth decay.
Pain occurs when the bacteria has reached the pulp ( complex soft tissue part within the tooth blood vessels, nerve and stem cells) and has started an inflammatory response in it. In some cases, the tooth decay doesn’t affect the pulp owing to various factors such as pulp stones, reparative dentin formation, and so on. Sometimes the pulp tissue is slowly destroys the bacteria, thereby not causing any pain at all. Finally you are left with a severely destroyed tooth.

This doesn’t make the treatment any different. In fact it needs more attention as these are rampant in nature and can eat up a whole tooth silently, leaving no structure behind for a proper endodontic restoration (Root Canal Therapy -restoration)

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