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Gum Disease- The Silent killer for your teeth.

We all know gums are the soft tissue part in our mouth which covers our jaw bones, teeth and it’s roots. Gums support your teeth structure, and plays an important role in the foundation for your teeth.

Our gums are the first line of defense in our mouths. They form a physical barrier against harmful bacteria and protect the underlying bone and roots of your teeth.

What is “GUM DISEASE”? 

Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth. It is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene resulting in accumulation of bacterial biofilm (plaque) on the teeth and gums. This accumulated plaque hardens and damages the underlying tissues.

GINGIVITIS is a reversible form of gum disease which causes gum inflammation induced by plaque or tartar.

This if left untreated can spread deeper down within the gum tissue which can lead to some irreversible changes of supporting structures of the teeth, this is called PERIODONTISTS.

  The damage that can follow can be listed as under :

  1. Bleeding of Gums – The build up of plaque at the gum line is the main cause of bleeding.
  2. Spacing between the gums – Bad oral hygiene can cause shrinkage of soft tissues resulting in space between your teeth.
  3. Bad Breath – Plaque and calculus can cause foul breath known as halitosis.
  4. Recession of Gums – These deposits if not cleaned can cause recession and can hamper the defense mechanism.
  5. Loosening of Teeth – If the recession of gum margins is not treated at the earliest. it can lead to loosening of teeth.
Yellow teeth

All these causes are interrelated and if not cured at an early stage can lead to major problems that can even cause your teeth to fall off.

One must be aware of how important “gums” are in protecting the underlying roots of teeth. Gums play a crucial role in retaining teeth in your mouth firm and fights premature loosening of your teeth.

The MOST important take home message is that this is not a problem that leads to any sharp pain or discomfort. This disease is a slow process and the end result is loss of teeth.      


 Here are a few things to be aware of, by which you can protect the health of gums properly.

➤ Maintaining a good oral hygiene by incorporating proper brushing method use a soft bristled mechanical or electric toothbrush.

➤ Flossing regularly helps in cleaning the inaccessible areas where toothbrushes can’t reach, like areas between two teeth.

➤ Rinsing your mouth thoroughly after every meal helps in washing away the food particles and stains which are usually left behind.

➤ Salt and warm water gargling serves as a good cleanser as we know, salt is a natural and safest antibacterial agent.

➤Make sure to get a routine dental check up to keep your gums and teeth healthy.


When a gum disease is caught at an early stage, it becomes easier to treat the problem.

Advanced methods exist to help maintain your gum health if you’re already at a stage wherein you have gaps between your teeth and your teeth look too long. To know more about advanced gum care click on the link below. To know more about how to maintain good oral hygiene and about how to floss click on the links to give you more info.

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