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Tips to pull through Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth

Ever wondered why our third molars are called Wisdom Teeth? It developed this name due its nature of arriving or erupting late (age of 17 -25).

Why are wisdom teeth such trouble makers?

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Food lodgment can result in tooth decay of the wisdom tooth itself, and many a time of the healthy tooth in front of it over a period of time. It is thus recommended to go for a checkup annually to any best dentist in Mumbai or in your city to avoid the pain and the health of your tooth and underlying structures.

The possibilities of trouble are endless- Severe Pain, Swelling, Cyst formation, Sleepless nights, Reduced mouth opening, Headaches. That’s why it’s advisable to get your wisdom teeth or third molars removed by any of the best dentists in Mumbai or your city. If the Wisdom teeth is erupting in an abnormal way, you can simply extract it.

We at the dental bond believe in educating our patients about the problem happening in your mouth and discussing how to achieve proper oral hygiene. With advancement in dentistry and technology it’s possible to have a painless dental treatment. To get the best results, Mumbai’s top dentists use this advanced technology.

Human race evolved from the stone age to now our foods have moved from raw meats to well cooked soft diets. As we continued to evolve, our jaw sizes shrunk reducing the number of teeth. Wisdom teeth erupts late causing painful problems like getting stuck in the bone or erupting sideways.

Precautionary measures

All the best dentists in Mumbai perform minor Wisdom teeth removal surgeries. Here are some tips to care for your wisdom teeth post surgery:

  1. Do not disturb the extraction site for the first 24 hours for a better and faster healing. Avoid using toothpicks and crunchy foods.
  2. Some discomfort after the surgery is normal. To minimize the pain, take the medications as per the given prescription.
  3. Use ice packs to soothe the extracted teeth. Icing for the first 2 days after tooth removal helps immensely to reduce the swelling.
  4. Avoid using a straw.
  5. Remember to brush your teeth regularly, as a clean site allows for better healing.
  6. Avoid vigorous rinsing or swishing for the first five days after extraction, as it can dislodge healing blood clot which is essential for proper healing.
  7. Eat soft and cold foods for the first two days after the extraction and drink plenty of water.
  8. Avoid smoking and alcohol as it can impair healing of the extraction socket.
  9. Avoid hot drinks for the first 3 days days.
  10. It’s mandatory to give a follow up after 7-10 days to make sure healing is good enough.

Follow these tips, and visit the best dentist for a follow up to get your routine back in order!

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