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6 simple ways to stress-free Dentistry.

Dentist with Patient

Everyone needs dental care to protect their smiles and their general health, but for some people, this is easier said than done. One of the most common reasons people avoid visiting a dentist is the fear of discomfort and a painful experience.

In the past, this may be an issue if you had extensive dental work to do. Fortunately, things are different now with improved dental care technology. With recent advancements in technology and dentistry, you can now experience painless dentistry at many of the best dental clinics in Mumbai and we’re proud to say The Dental Bond is one of them.

Overcome your dental fear or dental anxiety with these simple steps.

Talk to your dentist or dental team

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Communication is the key to understanding and making people understand you. Talking to your dentist or the dental team about your specific dental fears or any negative past dental experience can make them understand you and your fears. It will help the dentist and the dental team to provide you with certain care and techniques to give you a positive dental experience.

Distract your mind

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Music, videos, podcasts can be very effective in distracting your mind. Relaxing music helps your mind feel calm. Watching Funny videos or cartoons helps too.

Pain free procedures

Not all dental procedures are painful. With recent advancements in dentistry and technology, many dental procedures are now painless and can give you an anxiety-free experience with dental care

Techniques that can help

Painless dentistry

There are many new techniques in dentistry that can help you sedate and have a painless dental experience. To know more about sedation techniques check –painless dentistry.

These techniques are nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, oral sedation, and IV sedation. One of the dental clinics in Mumbai that has nitrous oxide sedation technology is The Dental Bond, which commonly uses inhalation sedation for adults and children alike.

Ask your dentist or the dental team about techniques that can help you have an anxiety-free experience

Hand gestures

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Establish certain hand signals between you and your dentist to communicate your discomfort. Your dentist can tell if you feel discomfort or need a break from the procedure by your hand signs. Plus it is a great way to communicate.

Deep breathing

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They say, “Take a deep breath, it calms the mind”. As deep breathing can be soothing and help you distract your mind.

At The Dental Bond, one of the best dentists in Mumbai, you will find advanced technology, expert dental staff, and a pleasant dental experience that will make your next trip to the dentist a pleasure.

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