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On a visit to your dentist for replacing your upper back teeth, you may have been advised sinus lift prior to placement of your implants. Many of the times a dentist may also advise replacement of teeth for cosmetic reasons in case it affects your smile or cheek fullness. In today’s times dental care has advanced at all fronts including implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Now let us try to understand what exactly is a sinus lift procedure which has been advised by your dental surgeon.

What is a Sinus lift?

It is a very routinely done procedure under local anesthesia in which we add bone graft in the space present between the jaw and sinus by lifting the sinus membrane. This is done in cases when bone is deficient around the upper back teeth and we need to consider implant as a replacement option for your dental care. 

Why do we need it?

Sinus lifts are done to ensure that there is enough healthy bone to place an implant for replacement of teeth. A good graft ensures that we have better bone quality under the implant and provides longevity to the implant.

Sometimes close proximity of the sinus to the jaw can pose a problem for implant placement therefore sinus lift will be a must in such a case. Sinus lifts are also done for the following reasons-

  1. To replace missing bone lost to periodontal disease.
  2. To replace bone that has been lost due to loss of teeth.

Type of Bone graft to be used?

The quality of bone graft used is of utmost importance as that will determine the prognosis of the implant placed. 

At The Dental Bond we use Geistlich Bioss as the bone grafting material along with Geistlich Bio-Gide resorbable bilayer membrane which is the best available material, with highest biocompatibility. It is the most outstanding material with predictable bone regeneration, which is time tested with research backing it for over 30 years along with 1000 scientific publications.

Types of sinus lift

  1. Direct sinus lift
  2. Indirect sinus lift

The best dentists in Mumbai will tell you that type of sinus lift may be decided based on the complexity of the situation which will decide which technique should be used. In this type of procedure the surgeon’s skills and experience is of most importance as the anatomical variation which exists in this region.

At The Dental Bond we have the best surgeons with global experience for Implant surgery & sinus lift.

How do I go ahead?

Certain diagnostic tools & investigations are needed before your doctor can plan for a sinus lift.

  1. CBCT advised (cone beam computed tomography) of that particular area.
  2. Blood sugar levels.
  3. Detailed Intraoral examination along with X Rays.
  4. Scan.

How much time before I recover?

It should take somewhere between 1-7 days to recover fully and resume all functions. Top dentists in Mumbai will give some of the following instructions to be followed for a faster recovery-

-Take medications prescribed by your doctor

-Follow the instructions strictly as told by your doctor like avoid blowing your nose, refrain from smoking, etc for better healing of your implant.

At The Dental Bond we prioritize our patients and their needs. We have the best surgeons with global experience for Implant surgery & sinus lift. We use Geistlich Bioss for bone grafting as it is the most globally trusted material by surgeons with outstanding results. To get more information about implants and sinus lift, book your appointment today at The Dental Bond, where we strive to give the best quality to our patients.

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