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When does my child need Braces?

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Orthodontic treatment plays a huge role in health care than is generally recognized. Braces for kids play a very crucial role in their oral health care. 

The best dentists in Mumbai quote that the primary purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy, functional “bite,” which involves tooth alignment and jaw position. When jaws and teeth align correctly, they are able to function appropriately and promote oral health. Added bonus is that orthodontic treatment brings an attractive smile with it.

Kids need braces for different reasons such as uneven, irregular, overlapping teeth or a “bad bite” also known as malocclusion. Malocclusion is when the upper and lower first molar do not sit in an ideal position. This can occur due to the difference in the sizes of the upper and lower jaws. An overbite is when the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw. And, an underbite is when the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw.

What’s the right age to begin orthodontic treatment/braces in kids ?

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The best dentists in Mumbai suggest that there is no one right chronological age to begin orthodontic treatment. Though it’s suggested by the time a child is 7 years old it’s good to get an evaluation by an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in aligning and straightening teeth.

An orthodontist tells you the best time to start the treatment depending on the severity of the misalignment of the teeth. Timing and type of treatment depend on the problem the child has or may be developing.

Isn’t 7 years of age too soon for braces?

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Well when we talk about orthodontic treatment, we need to understand that orthodontics consists of braces and many other devices for the child to use to correct a growth pattern. A child is in a mixed dentition stage till the age of 12-13 years until all his/her milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth.

Till this age, a child can undergo preventive and interceptive orthodontics depending upon the requirement. These types of orthodontic treatments consist of space maintainers, myofunctional appliances, slow jaw expansion, habit-breaking appliances, etc. Considering the situation, orthodontists suggest different types and combinations of these appliances. This comes under the first phase of orthodontic treatment. This reduces the severity of the second phase of treatment known as corrective orthodontics. Certain children might not even need a second phase of treatment after the first phase.

Pro-tip by the best dentists in Mumbai

According to the best dentists in Mumbai and India, kids who undergo orthodontic evaluation before age 7 end up with better teeth alignment and a healthy mouth. As per the various top dental and orthodontic associations around the globe along with the best dentists in Mumbai malocclusion is very common in children aged between 7 to 15 years. Early diagnosis can help to minimize the adverse effect of treatment by providing appropriate treatment. It is suggested that in the case of orthodontic evaluation, the earlier the better.

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