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Understanding COVID – 19 precautionary measures for a dental practice.

The situation with COVID- 19 has awakened all of us to protect ourselves and keep our environment clean and hygienic. The same applies to dental health professionals who should take additional measures to keep the environment safe and healthy.

Transmission route

COVID-19 virus is the main cause of corona disease, and it spreads through respiratory droplets and contact routes. The contact route can be directly or indirectly in contact with the infected person through the surfaces where the viruses may have been left.

The transmission can happen through droplets known as Bioaerosols. Bioaerosols are airborne particles of liquid that contain COVID 19 infection, that has been released from infected individuals. Studies indicate the transmission of COVID-19 via aerosols in social settings is difficult to eliminate. Aerosols differ from droplets and spray mist. Due to their smaller particle size (<50μm), they can be carried several meters away and can be detected in the room air for up to 30 minutes. A person undergoes a dental procedure without any protection. The main reason is his trust in the dentist. He thinks that the dentist must’ve taken appropriate measures to safeguard him.

At any point, the patient is concerned that they can easily contract the disease.

 The Clinic Staff are concerned the patient can transmit the disease.

At any given time, the dentist needs to make sure everyone is safe on the premises.

What’s important to understand is that yes! people will be susceptible if one doesn’t take appropriate measures to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the staff and patients to practice safe dentistry.

What are these measures that we’re talking about?

Technologies that target the decontamination of air are:

high-efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA) filters

  a. Filtration or decontamination of air – Through high-efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA) filters. These are proven to be effective against COVID-19. At The Dental Bond, they use HEPA filters in every room which remove 0.0024 microns with 99.99% efficiency and are certified as per European standardization.

  b. UV-C Sterilization – The use of UV-C radiation helps rupture the DNA of all bacteria and viruses. This makes the bacteria or virus sterile and incapable of reproduction.

High Vacuum Suction devices

c. High Vacuum Suction devices – These capture 90% of the aerosols released from the mouth and are removed from the clinic environment.

Dentists in PPE kit

d. Class B Autoclaves– these Successfully neutralize not only coronavirus but also every possible living organism that may exist over the instrument that is being autoclaved. It is a very basic piece of equipment used by all the best dentists in Mumbai.

All of these Disinfection protocols coupled along with thorough surface disinfection using EPA-approved disinfection protocols are what completes a layered disinfection protocol. (Recommended by the WHO, CDC, MOH, NCDC).

The Dental Bond has one of the best dentists in Mumbai on board. They adhere to strict protocols to ensure the safety of staff members. To prepare the patient, we will provide him with:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Shoes Cover
Mumbai Dentists in PPE kit

Because of the close and sustained proximity to the patient (particularly among dentists and their staff), our medical staff is wearing SITRA-certified disposable protective equipment. Face shields are worn with approved N95 respirators (3M) and goggles by the dentists, with isolation gown, surgical-grade nitrile gloves, and bouffant cap. This prevents the clinic staff from transmission or contraction of the disease.

 e.Social distancing – Pre-booking of all the appointments along with time slots are available. It is to avoid crowding in the waiting area.

 Sanitization – After every patient visit, they clean and disinfect the treatment rooms. The dental treatment unit with all equipment, all surfaces in the room, the touch screens, and even the door handles are all disinfected by EPA-approved disinfectants using recommended protocols for a safe and healthy environment. Make sure you use pre-packed sterilized tools for treatments that are opened right in front of you. To know more about the sterilization protocols check our blogs.

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