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Top Things To Consider When Buying a Toothbrush

We all have struggled with which toothbrush to buy at some or the other point. This blog will help you to understand better which toothbrush to choose to help you maintain better dental hygiene and prevent cavities. After a session of teeth whitening it is generally advised to brush regularly to avoid staining of your teeth

You need to consider the following points before selecting a toothbrush as recommended by the best dentists in Mumbai- 

  1. Size of the brush head

The size of the head of your toothbrush is very important as it will affect the ability to brush efficiently for better dental hygiene. There are a variety of sizes but usually small toothbrush heads are preferred for better toothcare than large heads. The small 

toothbrush head enables you to clean all areas of the mouth, especially the teeth right at the back in your mouth and also prevents yellow teeth.

  1. Type of bristles used

Some patients think the harder the bristles are the better they are for cleaning their teeth but this is not true. Top dentists in Mumbai have said that hard bristles often cause a lot of damage to teeth and gums, they are also abrasive for your teeth. Best of dentists will recommend using either soft or ultra soft bristles regardless of whether you are using a manual toothbrush or a mechanical one. Soft nylon is usually preferred when it comes to the density of your bristles because they won’t cause too much damage even if you tend to apply too much much pressure while brushing your teeth.

  1. Which kind of bristles- Rounded vs. straight bristles

The shape of your brush’s bristles actually play a very important role on your overall oral health even if you may not know about them. Toothbrush bristles come in different shapes, rounded and straight. Both straight and rounded bristles may feel like they are doing a good job cleaning your mouth but straight bristles end up doing more harm than good. Bristles having sharp tips are more likely to cause damage to your gums while brushing thereby also increasing the chances of injury, infection and inflammation. When oral hygiene is maintained it helps to prevent cavities and reduces the chance of your teeth appearing yellow in color.

Make sure to choose rounded bristles before you buy a toothbrush over the straight ones.

  1. Indian Dental Association/American Dental Association approval-

ADA/IDA approved brands are always better to use as they have been through rigorous checks and fulfill all the standard parameters for a toothbrush. This will ensure that it provides the best cleaning and safety for your mouth. You can ask your dentist if you’re not sure which brush to choose. Best of dentists will recommend the following-

  • Bristles that have a safe tip
  • Sturdy handle recommended for daily use
  • Brush as frequently as recommended
  • Brushing reduces the accumulation of plaque and prevents gum disease in their early stages
  1. Mechanical vs. Electric toothbrushes

It is a personal choice to either brush with manual or electric toothbrush. Both will do an excellent job in maintaining good oral hygiene. The more important factor would be to brush with the proper technique for at least two minutes covering all surfaces of your teeth, twice a day as recommended by the best dentists in Mumbai.

It is a marketing gimmick that makes us believe that electric toothbrushes are better and more efficient in maintaining dental hygiene over manual ones. Not every patient has an indication to use an electric toothbrush, therefore it is always recommended to consult your dentist before deciding.

The top dentists in Mumbai will advise you to maintain your dental hygiene by taking care of your habits like brushing twice daily and flossing. This will provide necessary tooth care and help in maintaining oral hygiene, reducing cavities and most importantly avoid yellow color of your teeth.
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