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Take care of your health after tooth extraction.

From tooth decay to crowding of teeth, people may require complete removal of teeth from the mouth for various reasons.

After performing a tooth extraction, your dental surgeon will give a certain set of instructions for caring for the disturbed areas as it heals.

Aftercare tips as suggested by the best dentists in Mumbai:

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After the removal of a tooth, there’s a tiny hole that’s left behind. One of the most important facets of post tooth extraction is maintaining the blood clot forming in the extraction site.

Maintaining the blood clot is the key to the healing, as it helps in preventing any painful condition and complications, such as dry socket.

As per the best dentists in Mumbai, for most people pain reduces after about 2-4 days. There’s a variation because of the technique used, the amount of infection there was, how hard the bone was around the tooth..

Post extraction – Day 1-2:

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  • Leave the gauze undisturbed: To allow the clot to form at the extraction site it’s important to leave the gauze in the mouth for at least 20- 30 minutes just after extraction. After this you can remove or replace it once the bleeding stops.
  • Immediately after your extraction- your anesthetic has not worn off- avoid biting or chewing on your lip and cheek. It can hurt more than the actual extraction would.
  • You may have a little blood stained saliva post extraction. No need to worry as it’s usually a mix of half a drop of blood and a lot of saliva. It may look like a lot- but it’s actually not.
  • Avoid Smoking if you smoke- it reduces the blood supply and hampers healing. Also the sucking action while smoking may disturb the healing site.
  • Get good rest: Resting for 24 hours is necessary. This involves no heavy activity such as running and working out in the gym etc.
  • Avoid rinsing: Rinsing, swishing, or gargling post brushing or eating will dislodge the clot that is forming and can affect the healing process. IYou can place some water in your mouth -purse your lips gently and turn your head around to move the water in your mouth. Turn your head downwards to the sink and open your mouth to let the water fall out rather than spitting it out.
  • Avoid Spitting for the first couple of days: Spitting creates pressure in the mouth, which dislodges the  clot and affects healing. It may feel a little Yucky post extraction. But swallowing is the best way forward towards healing well.
  • Avoid blowing the nose or sneezing: This will again lead to dislodgement of clot due the pressure while sneezing or blowing the nose. If you have to keep your mouth and nose open (no covering the face with a cloth or a tissue) 
  • Use cold compresses: It’s a very underrated modality but Ice packs or a towel-wrapped bag of ice can do wonders to post extraction discomfort and swelling. This will help reduce dull pain. Icing for the first 24 hours is highly recommended.
  • Elevate the head: Lying too flat may allow blood to pool in the head and prolong healing time. So, it’s recommended to use an extra pillow to elevate the head while sleeping.
  • Take any medications that the dentist recommends: The best dentist in Mumbai says that it is important to complete the full course of treatment, as this will reduce your discomfort and enhance the healing process.
  • Diet : Soon after extraction, the dentist may ask you to have something cold such as ice-cream or juices. Post that it is advisable to have a soft diet for the next 2-3 days. The best dentists in Mumbai suggest that the  temperature of the food should be at room temperature.
  • Do not use straws: Use of  straw for drinking will place a lot of pressure on the cloth.

Day 3-7 :

After the clot has formed, it is important to keep it secure. Follow some extra steps for oral hygiene to help prevent other issues.

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Best dentists in Mumbai suggest some aftercare tips to be followed from the 3rd day of tooth extraction.

  • Warm Saline rinses:  Gently rinse the mouth with warm water and a pinch of salt in warm water . This kills the bacteria in the mouth, which may prevent infections as the mouth heals.
  • Brush and floss as usual: The whole idea is keeping the area clean. The best dentists in Mumbai suggest brushing and floss as usual without disturbing the healing process.

Pro tip: Generally healing takes place by 7 days post extraction, in case any complications see your dentist.

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