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Precautionary measures taken by dentists post covid – 19

The whole community has been going through a pandemic for a few months. However, our lives are slowly adapting to the new normal. Thus, all the best dentists in Mumbai are striving hard to achieve complete safety and take all the necessary measures. While things are changing, one thing remains the same: we all want to be safe when we go to a dental practice. Nobody wants to walk in with a dental problem and walk out with a virus problem.

Dentistry involves the very close proximity of the patient to the dentist. COVID-19 being a respiratory illness, dentists stand a high chance of contracting/ transmitting the virus if the necessary measures are not taken.

New measures and equipment along with the top sterilization and hygiene protocols are now going to become a basic requirement. And as consumers, you should be equally aware of what kind of precautions are needed in dental setup when you visit a dentist post-COVID-19.

Additional measures post COVID-19

  • Virtual consultation with digital data entry.
  • Pre-screening of all the patients entering the dental clinic.
  • Patients only by appointment.
  • Waiting rooms that are uncluttered, disinfected along with an air filtration unit.
  • On arrival, masks and hand sanitizer to be available for each patient.
  • All the dentists and dental nurses are provided protection gear like PPE kit that includes gowns, faceshield, eyewear, gloves, etc.
  • Air Quality Management – As we are all aware that the infection can be transmitted via air. Dentists work closely with aerosols, hence it is important to use air filters for a cleaner and hygienic work environment.
  • High volume suction units to reduce dentists and dental clinic surface contamination during the dental procedures.
  • After every prodedure, the entire clinic will be disinfected.
  • There should be a separate room for donning and doffing of PPE.
  • Keeping in mind the sterlization protocols, the lab work should be disinfected.
  • Email digital treatment plans, and encourage digital payment options.

The Dental Bond has taken numerous steps to protect its patients and staff members visiting the dental clinic post-COVID-19. Their team follows a layered disinfection protocol, A system that kills the COVID-19 virus at multiple levels if any system were to fail. Some of the measures taken with regards to control and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in addition to the standard precautions that we already have in place are.


At The Dental Bond, the best dentists in Mumbai follow strict sanitation rules incorporating a few equipments to safeguard your journey to dental health.

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