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Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Below are the myths that people have about root canal treatment and the facts answered by some of the best dentists in Mumbai:

MYTH 1: You need to have a root canal if there is a toothache: 

woman having tooth pain in left side of jaw

FACT: It is not necessary that the tooth that has pain needs root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is dictated by the spread of infection within the tooth. Sometimes the tooth is dead and has no pain. In such cases, various tests like temperature tests and percussion tests are performed to know if the dead tooth needs a root canal or not.

MYTH 2: Root canal treatment causes pain 

Drilling a tooth

FACT: The fact is that the root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it. The best dentists in Mumbai claim that with the use of advanced dental technology along with local anesthesia, it is now possible to have root canal treatment with minimal discomfort & almost no pain if done by experts or root canal specialists.

MYTH 3: Root canal treatment causes illness:

FACT: Root canal treatment removes the bacteria from the infected roots of teeth. This reduces the bacterial load in the mouth. Untreated infected teeth over a period of time may lead to illness. Root canal procedure improves your oral health.

MYTH 4: Root canal treatment makes the teeth weak. 

FACT: Root canal treatment removes the infection from the roots of the teeth, and reinforces the weak structure of the teeth. The best dentists in Mumbai suggest that it’s necessary to crown the treated teeth for successful results and to preserve the structure of teeth. Along with this the longevity of the treatment depends upon the good oral health practice and a regular dental visit 

MYTH 5: Extracting the tooth is better than root canal

Removing tooth

FACT: A root canal is a cost-effective procedure to restore your natural tooth. Extraction is followed by many other procedures to restore the loss. Bridges, implants, and other solutions to replacements are a costly and timely affair.


It is essential that every patient knows about the root canal treatment’s myths and facts for ease and comfort concerning the procedure. This will keep you informed and help make correct decisions.

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