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How long does it take to recover from root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment - The Dental Bond

Root canal treatment is one of the most common dental treatments. Post root canal treatment your mouth will feel numb for a couple of hours.  This is perfectly normal. The number of visits for your root canal may vary depending on the amount of infection the tooth may be harbouring. A root canal cannot be completed until all the infection has been completely eliminated – this depends on the body’s healing and response to the medication used by the root canal specialist. The best dentists in Mumbai say that it is quite important to be patient since it will not be long until your mouth feels normal again. Here is a look at the root canal recovery process.

How to Proceed Post-root canal-As suggested by the best dentists in Mumbai.

Root canal treatment

Well let’s not forget that your mouth will be numb after the root canal procedure.  It is crucial to avoid eating or speaking too much during this time until the numbness vanishes. There is a chance that you may end up biting your tongue, lip or cheek. Continue to floss and brush as you normally do so.

Return to Your Dentist for Checkups as Scheduled.

Dentist checking Patient

Couple of follow-up appointments are necessary as suggested by the best dentists in Mumbai. During these appointments, the dentist will analyze the root canal treated tooth. In the absence of any symptoms, the dentist will proceed with permanent fillings. If the tooth has not completely recovered, it might take a few more days for the permanent fillings that go over the treated tooth. Once the condition of the tooth is satisfactory the dentist will add a final crown to complete the root canal treatment procedure.  If you experience pain or swelling, reach out to your dentist.

Why Pain can Occur Following the Root Canal Procedure

The best dentists in Mumbai say though it’s rare, still it’s possible to experience pain after completion of root canal treatment.  It can be due to pressure build up in the tooth. Rarely patients experience a reaction to medication and the body might take some time to adjust.

However, it is important to note most patients who receive a root canal treatment experience minimal pain.  Do not let the prospect of fairly minor discomfort or pain dissuade you from having this important dental procedure.

In Conclusion–  Tip from the best dentists in Mumbai

Talking about recovery time, each unique patient will take a different amount of time to feel the complete recovery. Even the type of root canal and the skill of the dentist matter when it comes to recovery time. When in doubt, reach out to your dentist for correct guidance.

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