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Healthy Brushing -Tips to maintain a healthy smile

Preventive dentistry as the name suggests is one of the most emphasized aspects in dentistry with tremendous advancement. We now have more efficient and affordable home care devices which help in a big way. Brushing is the foremost and important step in preventing oral health issues.

We at The Dental Bond, love the opportunity to care for our patients, with routine follow-up and cleaning. Normally, we get to see you in every six months.

The in-between time should be utilizes on self-caring of teeth.

Healthy Brushing

You learn how to brush in the early childhood. Go back to the basics!

2 + 2 = Healthy dental health. Brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth. We all brush in the morning to keep our breath fresh. Follow the routine at night as well.

It is crucial that you use the right dental tool. Always choose a soft or a medium bristled toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush four times a year, i.e every 3 months.

There are many effective tooth brushing techniques, the easiest and most effective is the Modified Bass tooth brushing technique. We at The Dental Bond strongly recommend this techniques.

Place the toothbrush bristles at an angle of 45 degrees where the teeth and gums meet.

Move the brush VERTICALLY back and forth in a vibrating motion.

Brushing is a subconscious habit that can make you miss out on some teeth. The trick is simply to follow a pattern.

You have to brush your teeth and gums gently, the rinse thoroughly.

Detailed image of a Tooth

Every time you brush your 32. Remember you’re actually brushing 5 surfaces on each tooth. Very easy to miss out on some of those surfaces. Start with all the outer surfaces (Cheek side) from the right back end to the left back corner of the jaw, do that for both jaws. Finish the top surfaces of the teeth again from corner to corner as mentioned before. Followed by the inner surfaces (Tongue side). The surfaces between your teeth you need to FLOSS.

To know more about flossing

Practice this brushing technique for a few days and you’ll master the technique. You can ask any dentist or best dentist in your town to help you with a complete dental care routine. At The Dental Bond, being one of the awarded best dentists in Mumbai, we guide you about your oral hygiene by sharing tips on oral care measures like brushing and flossing techniques and dental care with images of your own teeth.

If a tooth has gone bad, there’s no doubt it needs repair with any of the best dentists in Mumbai. It’s important for you to know that the life of the repair on the tooth is directly proportional to the oral hygiene you maintain everyday of your life.

Correct dental care routine along with regular dental follow up with your dentist or any best dentist in Mumbai can help in preventing oral health issues or addressing any issue at the earliest.

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