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Everything you need to know about Dental and Oral hygiene.

What is Dental and oral hygiene?

Maintaining good condition of one’s mouth and teeth, keeping it free of any diseases. A healthy mouth ensures a healthy body with fewer diseases.

Poor oral and dental hygiene may lead to cavities and gum diseases, it has also been associated with diabetes, heart disease, etc. There are some simple ways to take care of your oral hygiene, these practices if adopted earlier can go a long way.

Signs and Symptoms that you need to visit a Dental clinic soon-

Types of Dental diseases

Decay & cavities

They occur when there is decalcification in your teeth which leads to cavities. There are microorganisms present in your mouth at all times which are generally harmless unless there is consistent food lodgement in between your teeth. In such a situation the bacteria reacts with the food to produce acid which causes decalcification of your teeth thus causing tooth decay. If food lodged in between your teeth is not cleaned regularly then there is a chance you will end up with cavities. To avoid it, regular dental check ups are advised.

Gum disease

A layer of tartar accumulated over the surface of your teeth may do more harm when left undisturbed for days. We brush our teeth for the same purpose that is to maintain dental hygiene, remove tartar and any food lodged between our teeth. This layer of tartar may make your teeth appear yellowish, irritate the gums and result in gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Both of these diseases may lead to mobile teeth, loss of bone support around the tooth accompanied by bad breath.

Most advanced dental clinics on how to reduce dental and oral diseases-

  • Using a fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day can protect you from cavities or any decay.
  • Consuming a fiber rich diet will help in minimal tartar accumulation around your teeth.
  • Flossing your teeth once a day will take care of plaque in between your teeth thus keeping it free of inflammation.
  • Avoiding tobacco, tea, coffee, and sugar consumption as they are detrimental to your oral and dental health.

Treatment of Dental and oral problems-


This will help you to maintain dental hygiene, regular sessions of cleaning or scaling (6 monthly) helps to remove tartar around the gums thereby reducing buildups and keeping your gums clean and healthy. Flossing regularly will help you to maintain your teeth after cleaning.


Decay in your tooth can be removed and substituted with a filling like composite, which is the same color as your tooth. Most advanced dental care providers will have this option of cavity treatment.

Root canal treatment- 

Once the decay reaches the inside of your tooth, the pulp, that is when we need to carry out a root canal treatment which involves debridement of pulp tissue, disinfection and filling of the canals with a bioinert material.  Capping of the tooth is advised to increase the longevity of the root canal treated tooth.

Top dentists in Mumbai will tell you that maintaining daily hygiene is just as important as getting your dental treatments done. Make sure to brush twice and use the dental floss every day for good dental hygiene. For your dental fillings and prosthetics to last longer it is essential to also maintain dental and oral hygiene.

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