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Common questions from dental patients

Can I have cavities if I brush my teeth regularly?

Yes! Effective brushing is vital for good dental hygiene.

Solution: The best way to brush your teeth is to hold the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to your gum line and brush every tooth (or two to three at a time) using a gentle circular motion. This should be followed by flicking the brush away from the gum line.

Is flossing really necessary?

Advantages of flossing your teeth

Yes, that is of course unless you want false teeth when you’re old. Flossing reduces the risk of gum disease. Therefore, you should ideally floss once every day. If you eat out, carry some floss or floss picks with you for good dental hygiene.

Can I choose any toothbrush from the market?

Recommended electric toothbrush

No, buy toothbrushes with soft bristles and use them with soft pressure, for 2 minutes, twice a day. On the other hand, toothbrushes with medium and hard bristles can damage teeth and gums. 

What is better- manual or powered toothbrush?

Powered and manual toothbrushes serve the same purpose of cleaning your teeth well and providing good dental care. The powered toothbrushes help you remove plaque by rotating their bristles. You should prefer a powered toothbrush maybe if you have trouble using your hands. Usually recommended for people who are unable to brush by themselves.

How long can I use my toothbrush?

Fluoride Toothpaste

You should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or sooner if the bristles look bent or splayed out. Bent bristles don’t clean well and indicate that you’re brushing too hard.

Can I use Ayurvedic toothpaste?

Liquid Mouthwash

Yes, provided it contains fluoride, which strengthens and protects teeth. Most kinds of toothpaste work well to clear away bacteria growth and acids from food and drinks to provide good dental care.

Does a mouthwash help?

dentist patient

Dentists in Mumbai recommend mouthwashes in conjunction with regular brushing and flossing, not as a substitute for regular dental care. They provide cavity protection, gum care, and fresh breath. Mouthwashes aren’t recommended to kids under 6 years to prevent them from swallowing them.

How safe is a dental treatment for pregnant women? 

Dental visit before 1st child birthday

Yes, dental care during pregnancy is safe. The best dentists in Mumbai recommend that you have your teeth cleaned and get procedures like cavity fillings done before your baby is born. The second trimester is the safest to get dental treatment done.

What is the best time for my child’s first dental checkup?

The best pediatric dentists in Mumbai recommend children should have their first dental check-up at 1 year old.

Can dentists change or improve my smile?

Teeth Whitening Shades

Yes, cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of dental procedures aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth and overall smile. It includes-

  1. Teeth Whitening for discolored teeth.  
  2. Composite (tooth-colored) Fillings
  3. Porcelain Veneers – The celebrity secret to modify your not so perfect smile into a beautiful smile. 
  4. Porcelain Crowns (caps)
  5. Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are the closest option to your God-given teeth. They provide a strong and sturdy option to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can strengthen bridges and dentures as well.

Can we correct discolored teeth?

Yes, there are numerous products and procedures that can whiten your teeth and eliminate or reduce the appearance of stains. They include:

  1. In-office treatment Teeth Whitening
  2. At-home treatments where your dentist will make custom trays to use on your teeth at home. You’ll just need to add a gel to the tray and wear it on your teeth.
  3. Over-the-counter Whitening toothpastes may or may not be able to diminish surface stains.

Why are my gums bleeding?

Bleeding Gums, Blood from Gums

A plaque accumulation on the teeth causes gums to bleed if they become irritated and inflamed. The plaque, if not cleaned off through daily brushing and interdental cleaning, can turn into a hard deposit called tartar or calculus that can then lead to gum disease. The removal of these deposits requires professional scaling by your dentist.

What are wisdom teeth and why should they be removed?

Wisdom teeth inside gum

Wisdom teeth are the back teeth that erupt late in your teens and are also known as third molars. They often grow into an incorrect position due to a lack of space in the dental arch. This is called impaction and it can lead to wisdom tooth pain and infection. Most importantly, impacted wisdom teeth are associated with cysts or even tumors. Also, if a wisdom tooth emerges normally, it may crowd or damage other teeth or even the roots of adjacent teeth. Your dentist might recommend extracting it.

Reasons why dental treatments are expensive

Good question! And the honest answer is we don’t know!! Fortunately, here at The Dental Bond, we charge very affordable rates that won’t leave you poor!

“Dentistry isn’t expensive, neglect is! “

The conclusion is, visit your dentist regularly!

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