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Top Dentist in mumbai, Dental Hospital In Mumbai, Dental hygiene It may seem confusing to have to make a choice for the best orthodontist near you. An orthodontist is an expert in aligning the teeth in its ideal position, giving you an aesthetic smile while maintaining a harmonious balance between your orofacial musculature.

Teeth can be straightened for various reasons like aesthetics & alignment of teeth. Crooked teeth are known to cause various dental issues like poor dental hygiene, diseases of the gum along with increased risks of developing cavities, needless to say that it also meddles with one’s self-esteem and confidence from a young age.

Here is a checklist from top dentists in Mumbai to help you select the best orthodontist for you-

  1. Look for your orthodontist’s qualifications-

It is most essential for your orthodontist to be qualified. they should hold a bachelors degree and masters degree from a recognized university. This will imply they have gone through rigorous training of 8-9 years in that field, making them an expert. Some orthodontists may have added qualifications as well, that will only benefit you as a patient. To check for their qualifications you could refer to their clinic’s website.

  1. Does your orthodontist stay updated with advancements in technologies and techniques?

You can check if your orthodontist is associated with any local, international institutions, dental hospitals or clinics nearby which will help him to constantly stay abreast of advancements in technologies and techniques. This can help him provide you with the best treatment options.

  1. Does your orthodontist use 3D imaging technology to help diagnose issues and develop more accurate treatment plans?

3D imaging or scans can help to reduce the overall treatment time by providing more accurate data as well as outcomes. 3D scans are available in the most advanced dental clinics. It helps in shorter treatment time, less invasive treatment & more accurate treatment outcomes.

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  1. You can ask for successful treatment cases

On your regular check up you could ask for successful treatment cases. This will help you understand your orthodontists work depending on which you may decide if you want to get your treatment done from them. It may even simplify your own understanding of the treatment plan decided for you by visualizing the pictures of how the teeth will look post the treatment.

  1. What treatment options do they offer?

With all the advancements there are many treatment options to get your teeth aligned, like  metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and also aligners. Try to understand all the treatment options, then decide which options suit you best based on the duration of treatment and budget of each option. 

  1. Can you and your child relate to the orthodontist on a personal level & when communicating with you, are their explanations clear?

The most important aspect of any treatment would be the relationship between patient and the doctor. If you feel comfortable in your interactions with the team, if all your questions were addressed and all the explanations have been understood very clearly then based on those lines one could make their final decision. Your general dentist could guide you as well in case of doubts.

  1. Office ambience & staff personality once you visit the clinic

You can get a feel of the office environment on your first visit. If your interaction with the staff was friendly or did you hesitate in asking questions. All of which can help you decide which dental office to choose for your treatment. The more advanced the clinic, the better treatment options they have to offer.

  1.  Location

Most orthodontic treatments go on for a longer duration of time. It may range between 12-36 months, may be less or more. Incase of frequent visits required to the clinic for regular check ups, a nearby location would be preferred, but that is a personal choice.

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  1. Hygiene standards

The last thing one wants to worry about is to get infected with communicable disease. A good hygiene standard is a must for any treatment. To ensure proper sterilization protocols are being followed one can ask for the same at the dental office just to be assured.

  1. EMI options

You can ask your dentist if they have the EMI option for payments which will help you to pay in increments stretched over a long period of time. These could be helpful in case you want to go for a costlier option. It will help you in not compromising on choosing the best treatment option for yourself. You could ask in the dental office for emi options.

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