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6 Parenting hacks for good oral hygiene practice in children.

Running behind your little munchkin round the clock is a daunting task. Raising a child with good etiquette and making him/her adopt good oral hygiene habits can be challenging. Some simple hacks that can come in handy and instill a positive attitude in your young ones towards oral hygiene practice :

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  1. First dental visit before his / her first birthday

The importance of the first dental visit is well illustrated in the previous blog.[1]  Well, this not only helps the child but also educates the parents about the right way of oral hygiene and oral care for your child at that age. According to some of the best dentists in Mumbai, children who visit a pedodontist before the age of 1, have less probability of developing cavities.

2. Lead by example

Your child will learn and do what he/ she sees around. Make sure that all the members of the family brush and floss their teeth twice daily. This will have a positive influence on the child and with time he/she will be habitual to it. Eat healthily and avoid any aerated drinks in front of the child.

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3. Healthy snacking

Choosing the correct food for children is extremely important but challenging at the same time. Children can be demanding when it comes to food. Make sure you are not indulging your child in any kind of unhealthy snacking. Cheese and veggies are good snacking options you can explore with your child.

Family brushing teeth

4. Make morning and bedtime brushing a fun activity and family time

As you brush, you can sing and dance along to their favorite music. Recite and sing the brushing poem or song. Tell, show, and do are some of the creative ways to make children understand the process. The whole task of brushing teeth should be projected to a child like a game of killing bacteria in the mouth.

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5. Read them bedtime stories about having healthy teeth

This keeps them interested and instills a positive understanding.

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6. Regular dental check-ups

A dental check-up every 6 months is a good practice to keep a check on your oral health. Some of the best dentists in Mumbai suggest a regular dental check-up to keep away major dental issues. For your kids, choose a pedodontist as they are specialized in pediatric oral care which is the best dental care. At The Dental Bond, we make your child understand that dental check-up is important. Also, dentists are their friends who help them keep their teeth healthy and shiny.

Pro-tip by the best dentists in Mumbai

The first step towards your child’s oral health is choosing the right pedodontist. Pedodontists educate parents and children on oral care, and help children overcome new dental challenges like brave warriors!

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