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5 ways to take care of oral and dental health when you are sick

5 ways to take care of oral and dental health when you are sick

1. Maintain a good oral hygiene regime

Brushing twice a day is a must. This is something we commonly hear. During fever or flu the bacterial load increases in the mouth. So it’s important to keep your teeth clean at all times, and especially your tongue. Why tongue? Hear it from the best dentists in Mumbai, they say because during the flu bacterial coating develops and increases on our tongue which must be cleaned daily with glycerine and cotton swab to reduce the bacteria in our mouth. 

2.Gargle at least 2-3 times a day

Gargling removes the mucus build-up in your respiratory tract and nasal cavity and reduces inflammation and relieves the pain in the throat. Other than this it also flushes out the bacteria and virus, which if left unattended can lead to congestion. You can make a gargle concoction by adding black pepper, ginger, turmeric, and basil leaves to water and boiling it. This will also give you an extra shot of vitamin C to boost your immunity, which is the need of the hour. The best dentists in Mumbai advise that this concoction can also be used as a mouth wash by rinsing 3-4 times a day and swirl for at least 30 secs for maximum effect. 

3. Drinking water

Water should be your first choice when it comes to hydrating yourself and also washing away extra particles from the teeth. Water not only improves the quality of the saliva but also avoids dryness of the mouth and cavities. It also fights bad breath. One can also drink fresh sugar-free, fruit and vegetable juices, lemon water, etc for that extra vitamin C but avoid high sugar and aerated drinks. Therefore keep yourself hydrated as much as possible for good dental health

4. Avoid sugar-loaded cough and cold syrups.

Cough syrups arecommonly prescribed during cough and flu are loaded with sugar. Best dentists in Mumbai say these cough syrups can cause cavities and further damage to the dental health as they stick around your mouth and cause an influx of bacteria. If possible, opt for sugar-free varieties.

5. Diet

We are what we eat, so it’s very important to eat right. Vitamins and minerals both in the form of diet and supplements are essential. Opt for non sticky and non starchy food. The best dentists in Mumbai recommend that munching crispy fruits and vegetables like apples remove the extra layer of plaque around teeth keeping them healthy.

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