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3 major avoidable mistakes that can prevent development of cavities in children.

3 major avoidable mistakes that can prevent development of cavities in children.

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Do you know that baby bottle cavities also known as early childhood cavities can start off in children as soon as 1st tooth appears. In a developing country like India kids under the age of 2-5 years suffer from early childhood cavities.

Every parent desires their child to be cavity-free. We have listed down these 4 simple mistakes according to the best dentist in Mumbai that can be avoided to save kids from acquiring cavities.


Infant drinking milk

Cavities are mainly caused due to pooling of milk in the baby’s mouth. Infants who are exclusively breastfed without weaning with any formula milk are not prone to decay. But when breastfeeding and sugary foods or drinks are combined the risk of cavities is increased. Sugar from these formulas remains in the mouth due to lack of proper cleaning of the mouth which lead to the cavities. 


popi corn

In today’s time and age when kids are juggling between schools and different activities; as a working parent, it can be quite alluring to give your children ready to eat snacks. These snacks are highly sticky and they have high sugar content, which can lead to cavities. 
The best dentists in Mumbai say that snacking between meals is one of the major causes of early childhood cavities as it  leads to the more exposure to sugar. 
The bacteria in the mouth use these food sugars to produce acids – these acids erode the tooth and eventually cause decay. According to the best dentists in Mumbai it’s advisable to give children tooth friendly, healthy snacks. 

Cute baby image


As a parent of young children, there are so many firsts in life, first word, first step, first school etc. But did you know the 1st dental visit is one of them? The best dentists in Mumbai recommend that every child should have his/ her first dental visit as soon as the 1st tooth erupts or atleast by his/her 1st birthday. It’s very important for optimal oral health. Also, most parents do a fantastic job of teaching their kids how to brush their teeth but they fail to inculcate the habit of flossing.

TIPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS by the best dentists in Mumbai:

  • After feeding your infant, clean the gum pad with a washcloth or soft cotton dipped in warm water.
  • Brushing the teeth twice daily especially before bedtime is essential to ensure good oral health. Feed after brushing during night time must be strictly avoided.
  • To avoid any sticking of food particles it’s best to make your child gargle their mouth after every meal
  • Start fluoride varnish applications by the age of 2-3yrs to prevent cavities.
  • Have your child’s first dental visit by age 1 to have a better idea what’s going on with their oral health.

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“It’s better to start early than to chase the cure.”

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