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What is Laser Dentistry and What are its Benefits?

The most recent advancements in dentistry include laser technology which enables the dentist to give you the best quality of treatment. Even though lasers have always been used in dentistry, the lasers have been improved, enhanced and modernized. The best dentists in Mumbai will tell you that laser is a must have in dental practices for the efficient working and successful results in various treatments.


Lasers are used in many medical fields to achieve superior results and to be able to work with precision. To understand in detail, a dental laser uses a thin beam of light energy to address many of the dental treatments for patients. Laser eliminates any heat, pressure or vibrations thus the patient experiences very little discomfort as compared to the traditional approach. For cavity treatment with a laser there will be little or no need of anesthesia because there is very little or no pain.

Dental laser technology is very safe and effective, also can be used for many procedures making it very versatile. Other than in dentistry it is also used in dermatology, many eye procedures are done using laser to get precise results and now it has been extensively adapted in dentistry.


  • Teeth whitening
  • Incision for Implants and also uncovering of soft tissue
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Disinfection root canals during Root Canal Treatment
  • Gum reshaping
  • In case of Mouth Ulcers
  • Addressing any part of the gum tissue
  • Helping in treatment of infections


The top dentists in Mumbai will tell you that the main benefit of choosing a laser is that it is less invasive in nature and causes little to no pain to the patient. Laser dentistry is used in all advanced dental clinics. 

Following are the benefits of laser dentistry-

  1. Anesthesia usage can be avoided or minimized
  2. Stops or minimizes any bleeding, especially helpful during gum surgical procedure to stop the bleeding.
  3. Minimizes bacterial infections.
  4. Causes less damage to surrounding gum tissue
  5. Less need for stitches as the whole procedure is minimally invasive
  6. The healing rate is much faster with the overall minimum invasive approach.
  7. ​​Reshaping  of gummy smiles can be done using a soft tissue laser
  8. Crown lengthening procedures needed for crowns can also be taken care of by laser.
  9. Repairing of soft tissue defects or any congenital abnormalities that are present.
  10. Treating of cold sores/ulcers that may have developed.
  11. Removal of benign tumors or mass present.
  12. Removal of tissue for treatment of sleep apnea.

At The Dental Bond we use the Biolase laser for giving the best treatment options to our patients. At The Dental Bond we use lasers for gum reshaping surgery, laser teeth whitening, disinfection of root canal, treatment of mouth ulcers and much more. 

Laser dentistry is gaining more popularity with each day due to the various benefits this modern dental technology can offer patients. Our professional staff is always available for any questions related to laser technology that you may have, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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