"My new healthy smile feels like a new lease of smile"

Dental Implants / Smile Makeover

Busy Wedding planner Smita had been troubled with her teeth for a while now. She was referred by her daughter to the best dental clinic in Mumbai, The Dental Bond and travelled all the way from Goa to meet Dr. Harianawala and Dr. Sayed. She shared her problems, her fear of dentistry and her lack of confidence to smile in front of the camera but she was determined to get her teeth fixed.

More Before / After Images of Smita Parulekar
More Before / After Treatment of Smita Parulekar

Comprehensive planning with multiple digital and analog trials were done.Painless Root canal treatments were done to save all the decayed teeth. Dental Implants were placed in the missing areas and all teeth were capped with metal free crowns to restore her chewing ability and improve her facial appearance

She was extremely satisfied as her biggest fears were dealt with utmost care and she could comfortably go through comprehensive treatment.

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