"I wanted a one time solution and they were able to restore back my smile without losing any teeth!"

Smile Makeover / Tooth Decay

Mrs. Behl, a philanthropist and social worker, was troubled with her teeth issues for several years. She had been getting dental treatment done from a very young age but things went south when her old fillings started to give up at different points in time and tooth pain became a constant. She wanted a comprehensive approach to her dental issues which would take care of her smile and her oral health as a whole. She was extremely worried that she may lose all her teeth. She met with the doctors and a comprehensive plan was designed with the aim to save all her teeth and protect them with a long term approach.

More Before / After Images of Devina Behl
More Before / After Treatment of Devina Behl
All badly decayed teeth cleaned with the help of painless Root canal treatment and Restorations. All old metal fillings were cleaned and replaced with Ceramic or composite restorations. The best type of All Ceramic caps were used to protect all the damaged teeth and also achieve a beautiful smile worth flaunting.

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