"I can eat whatever I want and smile more.."

Dental Implants/ Full Mouth Reconstruction

Mr. Manek has been a very busy man throughout his career. With the work stress coming along, he developed a habit of night grinding. Night grinding is a subconscious habit that leads to breakdown of natural teeth eventually making them sensitive, painful and sometime one even loses the teeth. It is a slow process and hits hard only when several teeth get affected. That is precisely what happened in Mr. Manek’s case. However his upper teeth were saved and protected with conservative treatment. And in the lower jaw, he was given a full set of fixed teeth over Dental Implants.

More Before / After Images of Hiren Manek
More Before / After Treatment of Hiren Manek
He not only looks 20 years younger with a new smile but feels younger as his health has improved significantly as he can now bite and chew his food well.

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