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Dental Implants / Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ashraf came in with a multitude of dental issues which included Numerous broken down and badly decayed teeth making him visit the dentist several times in the last 20 years. Over the period, his bite had collapsed giving him the appearance of an older person also making it difficult for him to chew. Ashrad heard about dental tourism in India and searched for the best dental clinic in Mumbai. With the help of references from his friends who had undergone comprehensive dental care, he visited The Dental Bond for fix his dental concerns.

More Before / After Images of Ashraf Wadkar
More Before / After Treatment of Ashraf Wadkar

Comprehensive planning with multiple digital and analog trials were done.

Painless Root canal treatments were done to save all the decayed teeth. Dental Implants were placed in the missing areas and all teeth were capped with metal free crowns to restore his chewing ability and improve his facial appearance.

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