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10 Best practices for Dental Hygiene

Almost everyone knows that brushing and flossing your teeth improve oral health. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining that dazzling smile. Here are 10 practices the best dentists in Mumbai recommend.

  1. Yes, you have to brush TWICE a day.

You have already heard this many times and we are repeating it for you, you need to brush twice a day to maintain proper oral hygiene! It’s a simple habit but the one most people tend to break. If you brush your teeth only in the morning, the accumulation of bacteria and plaque will start damaging the enamel of your tooth, weakening their gums and roots, hastening the process of decay. 
Be sure to brush your teeth using the correct technique. The best dentists in Mumbai recommend using the modified bass brushing technique. 
Preferably, use a soft-bristled brush paired with toothpaste containing fluoride. 

  1. Be flawless, not flossless!

Flossing is often overlooked however cleaning between your teeth regularly is just as important as brushing your teeth for optimum oral hygiene. Flossing not only removes food particles and lowers your chance of getting cavities but also stimulates the gums, lessens inflammation, and decreases the chances of developing gum disease.

  1. Your tongue needs brushing too!

The large surface area of your tongue is home to large amounts of bacteria! You may brush and floss your teeth regularly and correctly but the bacteria on your tongue will be transferred to your freshly cleaned teeth. Thus, brushing your tongue regularly is an important step in maintaining dental hygiene. 

  1. Make fluoride a good friend. (Not your best friend)

The science here is simple, fluoride strengthens enamel, making it less likely to decay! 
The best dental clinics in Mumbai suggest putting a fluoride application on your teeth. There is plenty of toothpastes and mouth rinses available that contain fluoride. 
Use fluoride moderately, as excess use may cause white or brown spots on your teeth.
Make sure fluoride is used sparingly in young children. Only a pea-sized dab should be applied to the toothbrush.

  1. Kill the germs with one swish. 

Do you know that a dry mouth is more susceptible to bacteria? Mouthwash is an additional habit that’s great for cleaning your whole mouth, improving overall dental hygiene, and keeping your breath fresh. The best dentists in Mumbai recommend using a mouthwash that is alcohol-free and contains fluoride.

  1. Drink your way to better health. 

As you must have read earlier, a dry mouth is more susceptible to bacteria. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the bacteria at bay which will not only ensure dental care but also overall health care. 

  1. Ditch that sticky and sugary food!

If you are looking for good oral hygiene you have to eat for your teeth. Strictly avoid food that sticks to your teeth like candies, toffees, etc, and limit consumption of sugary food. Make sure to gargle after eating anything too sweet. 

  1. Say a big No to Tobacco.

This is really a no-brainer! You already know that tobacco products like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are horrible for your oral hygiene and overall health. If you have been using any tobacco products, speak to your dentist and materialise a plan to quit tobacco immediately.

  1. Fix a date with your dentist regularly. 

You should visit your dentist every six months. The best dental clinics in Mumbai will ensure that you catch any potential issues early and take appropriate steps to fix the problem.

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