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Know how Smiling Increases Your Confidence

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A smile is how we express happiness and joy, your oral health has an impact on overall well being and emotional health as well. The best dentists in Mumbai will tell you here is how smiling will boost your confidence and also maintain your oral health-


There are many studies that have shown that smiling really helps in uplifting your mood and  makes you happier instantly. This is mainly because smiling activates your muscles which in turn tell your brain to release endorphins, known as “happy hormones”. The best dentists in Mumbai will tell you that smiling is not just a way of looking gorgeous but also to come across as happy, confident and an amicable person. So it’s not just a mood lifter for you but also for everyone around you.


Whenever we want to let a big grin out, it’s impossible to hide our teeth. It’s impossible to laugh out out or shout “CHEEESEEEE” without actually giving others a peek into what your teeth look like. In our minds we often associate people with long teeth, protruded teeth or oftentimes with a bright and confident smile, and it’s only natural to do so. Top dentists in Mumbai will tell you that to like and feel good about one’s own smile is very important for our own self confidence. In times when social media plays such an important role in our lives, it would only make sense if we wanted those pearly whites that looked perfect on the camera. If you’re one of those who hide their teeth while smiling then it’s definitely time to change that by opting for various smile design treatment options like teeth whitening, veneers, aligners, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry includes smile design with composites, veneers or even using aligners to align your teeth. Teeth whitening is also advised to patients with yellowish teeth, it helps to lift upto 7 shades brighter.

With all the recent advances it is now possible to have the most perfect smile that you no more need to shy away from. It will give you that perfect confidence you need so that you no longer have to think twice before revealing your beautiful pearly whites. 

Here at The Dental Bond, we have the perfect options for you to get your perfect smile as follows-

  1. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth then you can go ahead with In office teeth whitening will help you get upto 7 shades lighter teeth.
  1. If you are unsatisfied with the shape, color or the size of your teeth then you can go for veneers, white will make your smile appear very aesthetic and natural.
  1. In case you have a missing tooth, you can go for implants to fill in that gap, and what better place to get it done than The Dental Bond with the Best implantologists in Mumbai.
  2. If the overall bite has been collapsed alone with multiple teeth needing treatment then you may be advised full mouth rehabilitation by your dentist.

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