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Guidelines for patients when visiting a dental clinic Post COVID-19.

The whole world has been going through a pandemic for a few months now. Even after this, we are slowly adapting to the new normal. All the best dentists in Mumbai and across are striving hard to achieve complete safety and take all the necessary measures for safe dentistry. As nobody wants to walk in with a dental problem and walk out with a COVID-19 problem.

Dentistry involves the very close proximity of the patient to the dentist. As we’re aware COVID-19 being a respiratory illness, dentists stand a very high chance of contracting or transmitting the virus if the appropriate measures are not taken.

New measures and equipment along with the top sterilization and hygiene protocols are now going to become a basic requirement for safe dentistry. And as consumers, you should be aware of the kind of precautions taken by your dentist post-COVID-19.

This virus allows for no shortcuts or loopholes in system. Even the dentists at The Dental Bond make sure to take all the necessary steps to prevent COVID-19.

The Dental Bond has taken numerous steps to protect its patients and staff members visiting the dental clinic post-COVID-19. Their team follows a layered disinfection protocol, A system that kills the COVID-19 virus at multiple levels if any system were to fail.

Prior dental care

  • Screening.
Oxygen test
  • Virtual consultation with digital data entry.
  • Pre-screening of all the patients entering the dental clinic. On arrival, your vitals are checked and possible exposure to coronavirus history taken prior to entering.
  • Pre-booked appointments with time slots allowing for 45-minute long disinfection protocols in between patients allowing for social distancing.

  • Instruction for patient arrival.
Santiser and surgical mask
  • Hand sanitizer for all the people entering the clinic.
  • Wearing masks and shoe covers is mandatory for protection.
  • Placing all belongings in clean packets for minimum surface contamination.
  • Postponement of non-emergency dental procedures like cleanings, smile makeovers and other aesthetic dental procedures.

Between dental care

  • Personal protective equipment
Indian Dentists in PPE kit
  • Among the protective gear used by dentists and dental nurses are SITRA and PPE. This includes gowns or coverall, face shield, eyewear, gloves. This prevents the clinic staff from transmission or contraction of the disease.
  • Disposable PPE used for every patient to practise safe dentistry.
  • Disinfection equipment
  • Decontamination of air:
  • Filtration or decontamination – Through medical-grade high-efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA-14) air filters. These are proven to be effective against COVID-19. At The dental bond one of the best dentists in Mumbai, HEPA-14 filters have been installed in every room. The HEPA-14 used removes 0.0024 micron with 99.99% efficiency and is certified as per European standardization.
  • UV-C sterilization — Use of ultraviolet irradiation at 253.4nm causes the DNA of all bacteria and viruses to rupture, thus rendering them sterile and incapable of reproduction.
  • C. Class B Autoclave – Neutralizes not only coronavirus but also- HIV, Hepatitis, Herpes, and every organism that exists on the instruments. This provides an absolutely safe environment for not only the patient but also the staff to practise safe dentistry.
  • Preprocedural mouth rinse used for preventive measures.

After dental care

  • After dental care
Disinfection protocols followed by the best dentist
  • Treatment rooms are disinfected with routine cleaning and disinfection protocols for a safe environment and safe dentistry. At The Dental Bond, one of the best dentists in Mumbai, EPA approved disinfectants (Environmental Protection Agency) are used for disinfection of all surfaces in the practice after every patient.
  • Disinfection protocols lasting 45 minutes before and after each patient.
  • Surfaces including door handles, desks, and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected after every patient.
Air Purifier for Patients
  • Digital workflow to allow for a minimal touch of surfaces- Digital forms, communication, prescriptions, instructions, payment options.
  • The whole team is wearing approved N95 respirators(3M) at all times whether they’re in the clinic or travelling back and forth. This provides a safe environment for all the staff, doctors and patients coming to the dental clinic for safe dentistry.


The Dental Bond has most of the best dentists in Mumbai that set strict sanitary rules for a safe environment and to practice safe dentistry.

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